Kaylia’s Favorite Things

Our sweet little girl turns two on Sunday.

Like every parent, I feel like the time has gone by unbelievably fast. But at the same time, I can’t remember what life was like without her. She fills our home with so much joy, and makes our family feel complete.

She was most definitely worth the wait!

As is the custom around here, I try to list everyone’s favorite things on their birthdays. (You can read more about that here. I missed doing this for Ben’s birthday back in January, so I still need to get his list in writing. Oops!)

So, Kaylia’s favorites. Here we go:

  • Food: milk, watermelon, crackers, Rice Krispies, any berries, bananas
  • Toys: her doll, Polly Pocket cars, play food, tea sets
  • Clothes: her Dora socks, “Fishy Jammies” and “Girl Jammies” (named for the picture on the front)
  • Expressions: “No WAY!!”, “Oh, man!”, “No, thanks, welcome” (said whenever she doesn’t want something), “I’m so sorry!”, “Great!”
  • Things to Do: Having tea parties, playing outside, looking at books, coloring, going down the slide
  • Song: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • Most Loved Miscellaneous: Her “Sues” (two soothers, always two), Curious George, butterflies, rainbows

My Favorite Things About Her Right Now 🙂

  • that she calls Anika “Cutie Pie” (because she hears me saying it all the time)
  • that she loves her big sister so much
  • the hugs she gives (always patting us on the back while she does it!)
  • the way she cries out “Daddeeeee!!” whenever she sees Ben coming, and goes running to him with the hugest grin on her face
  • that she loves cuddling and reading books together
  • the sound of her little voice calling me “Mama”
  • that whenever she wants me to go somewhere with her, she will take my hand and say, “Come, Mama, take hand, walk.”

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