Kaylia has a little problem. You know how babies get really attached to their soothers? Well, Kaylia is completely addicted, not to one soother, but two.

It started out innocently enough. When she was a few months old, she would cry when she didn’t have a soother. This happened often, because her soother kept falling out of her crib. I read somewhere about this great idea of putting a few soothers in the crib so that if one fell out, she could still find another one. It worked like a charm… for a while.

Then we started noticing that she cried if one of her soothers fell out of the crib, even if she still had the other one.

Recently, we’ve noticed that things have escalated. Now, she cries if she doesn’t have her extra soother in her hand. It will be lying far away from her in her crib, or lost in her blanket, and she can’t find it in the dark, so she cries. She must be holding it at all times.

Ben went into her room last night because she was crying, and she said very mournfully, “Sue!” When it is found, she says very delightedly, “There!”

And when she has both of her soothers in her possession, she will keep switching back and forth between the two of them. She’ll have one in her mouth for a while, and then she’ll put the other one in. You’d think they were different flavors or something.

So we realize that we have our work cut out for us. Some serious weaning will have to happen soon….

3 thoughts on “Addiction

  1. Ha ha! Oh dear, I still vividly recall trying to get Natasha to lose the “soo”. Fortunately for us a 10 day stay at Grandma’s did the trick 🙂

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