Kaylia’s Favorite Things 2012

Today our sweet girl turns three! We’ve been partying it up for the last couple of days, and today we will relax!

As is the tradition around here, I always make a list of the birthday person’s favorite things, which has proven to be a lot of fun for our family to look back on each year, as our girls get older. Read Kaylia’s list from last year here.

Here is Kaylia’s list for this year:

Food: Bananas, watermelon, meat (any kind, she loves it all), scrambled eggs, whole apples (apples cut in slices are completely rejected by her), smoothie pops or banana pops (I followed my friend Nikki’s directions: 2 Tbsp. cocoa and a banana in the food processor, frozen in a popsicle mold, you totally have to try it!! It will be everyone’s new favorite!)

Toys: play food, lego, anything she can steal from Anika because someone else’s toys are always more exciting, her dollhouse, Polly Pockets

Books: The illustrated Little House on the Prairie books and Curious George books

Things to Do: Helping me in the kitchen – she loves cooking soup, because she’s obsessed with stirring things, and she likes to put all the chopped vegetables in the bowl. She tells stories with her little dolls, plays with lego, and has picnics, all day long.

Song: “I Have a Dream”, from Tangled

My Favorite Things About Her:

I love her hugs.

I love it that she skips EVERYWHERE!

I love how she has to be wherever Anika is. Even when we separate them because Anika is pestering Kaylia, she still wants to go after her beloved big sister, because she can’t stand to be apart from Anika.

I love reading to her. She’s just starting to get interested in chapter books, which is so much fun.

I love her very detailed explanations about things that have happened to her. Someone asked me today if my three-year-old was talking much, and I almost laughed, just because she won’t stop talking.

I love her grin, and her laugh which sounds exactly like Anika’s, and I love how she asks me to come read or do puzzles or play with her.

I love being able to love her. I love feeling complete as a family, and I love how God chose to bless us with our little Kaylia!

7 thoughts on “Kaylia’s Favorite Things 2012

  1. Ahhh how they grow up so fast, Happy 3rd Birthday Kaylia. I am going to make those banana pops right now for the daycare kids thanks for sharing.

  2. Kendra, I’ve been absolutely loving your blog. I haven’t been missing a post. I don’t feel like you guys are so far away when I read what you have to say. And I’m happy for you in getting a new camera…I got one too, and it’s so much fun. Keep up the awesome work!

    • Aww, thanks Joey, you just made my day! I’ve really been enjoying everything you’re doing with the camp blog. Because it was kinda my “baby” for a few years, I feel so grateful for the loving care you are giving it! What kind of camera did you get?

      I’m hoping that you are having an amazing time at camp! We’d love to hear all about your adventures sometime soon, in person!

      • I got a Canon T2i. It makes me seem so much better at photography that I actually am. I love it.

        And thanks for the compliments with the blog. It’s a lot of fun, and I’ve been getting a pretty positive response, so that’s great.

        I also hope to see you guys soon, and I would love to have you write something for your “baby” some time soon. If you ever feel the urge to holler at your old Red Rock homies via the blog, let me know. But otherwise, I’m sure I’ll be calling on you at some point!

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