It Was a Happy Birthday

Last night I went to take out the garbage, and I ended up down by the lake. It was such a cool, quiet, beautiful evening – and hit the spot perfectly after a long, fun, loud, crazy, beautiful day.

My friend, Terra-Lee, and I decided to put on a joint birthday party for our girls yesterday, because her little girl turns one year old, two weeks after Kaylia turned two. If we would both put on a separate party for our little birthday girls, we’d end up inviting exactly the same people.

But, if we did a joint party, we could have fun planning and working on it together.

So that’s what we did.

And the kids had a great time, there was far too much food, everyone ate far too much sugar, and it was a success.

Kaylia loved the balloons. It was her favorite part.

The few pictures I took didn’t turn out super well, so the plan is to mooch some off of Terra-Lee! (I’ll let you know how that goes…)

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