Vacation Favorites: Ottawa

I’m back from my lovely little vacation, and finally recovered enough to put a blog post together!

planeMy older sister, Karla, and I flew out to Ottawa to visit our younger sister, Kim. It’s been two years since I last went to see her – last time we spent most of our time getting her new home set up, but this time was all about relaxing!

Kim met us at the airport, and whisked us away to a spa in Quebec.

Nordic spaWe spent the afternoon lounging around in bathrobes, eating, getting massages, and trying to decide which pool or sauna to try next. Such difficult decisions…;)

The next day, we went to a tea house in Quebec, and walked around the grounds for awhile.

tea housesaladgardensgardensgardensgardensOn Sunday, we drove to a little town close to Ottawa to try out another restaurant, and to check out a bunch of little shops.

lunchBest food I’ve ever eaten in my entire life – seriously. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would be this – Asian Ginger Salmon on rice noodles with squash jus.  I’ve never been that passionate about fish, but that was before this meal…

flowersbus tourThe next day, we went on a bus tour of Ottawa and Gatineau.



In between all these delicious fun things, there were manicures and pedicures, much more food, movies, talking, and more food!

Kim and meAnd one last photo with Kim, to record the fact that I wore the necklace Anika gave me as a going-away present!

We had a wonderful time, and then it was wonderful to come home to my sweet family! But now I’ve got mountains of stuff to catch up on, and a birthday party to plan, so I need to get to work!

I hope you’ve been having a fantastic week!

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