Best Part of the Trip

My sister Kim just moved to Ottawa, and invited me to visit her for a weekend. What a busy, full trip! We did some sightseeing, but most of our time was spent shopping and setting up her new townhouse.

We worked and shopped, and worked and worked…and now I can present our Before and After pictures! (I love those!)


And After!

After working like crazy for two days straight, we finished up with decorating/setting up house, and went sightseeing.

Our family went to Ottawa when I was 10 years old, so it was really neat to see some of those sights again, and appreciate them more as an adult.

Ottawa is such a beautiful city. It is green and lush, with majestic views all over the place. I could totally see why my sister is loving it!

It was so much fun to see Kim’s new home, and spend a ton of time together. It was fun to shop like mad with money that wasn’t mine, and it was fun to get creative and share all of my ideas with her. It reminded me of all the things I enjoy doing, but don’t always have the time or opportunity to do.

But on my last night in Ottawa, a card from Anika fell out of my Bible, and I opened it up to read it again. Inside it said, “Roses are red, violets are blue, you are my Mommy, and I love you.” And I thought to myself, “It is time to go home and hear my girlies calling me ‘Mommy’ again!”

It was the best kind of trip – I loved my time away, and I loved coming home to my family.

I kept smiling out at the clouds through the airplane window because I was so happy to get back!

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