35 Days of Favorites: Serving Together as a Family

During the years when Ben was a youth pastor, we often took our youth group to different service opportunities, like sorting potatoes at Winnipeg Harvest, or “Bible-stuffing”, which involved stuffing a pamphlet into Bibles to be given away.

Those kinds of opportunities often make me feel dread ahead of time – like I’m going to hate doing it, but they always turn out to be amazing. It’s as though Satan tries to keep us away from the very thing we should be doing, and tries to convince us that it will be awful, but if we overcome, and do it anyway, it turns out awesome.

It had been a long time since Ben and I had sorted potatoes or stuffed Bibles, so this last winter, when we had the opportunity to go to Winnipeg Harvest to help out as a family, we were excited about the idea of doing it together with our girls.

We really want to be that kind of family. But actually going out and volunteering, and truly being that kind of family is another thing.

The old feeling of dread and not really wanting to go came back nice and strong, even though there was a part of me that truly wanted to go and help out.

I wrestled through it, we went to Winnipeg Harvest, and it was awesome, in so many different ways. I loved doing that kind of thing with our girls. I loved seeing how much even Kaylia could help out. I loved the idea of our girls getting used to serving in different kinds of ways, at a young age.


A few months later, we had the chance to go help out at a soup kitchen downtown. And guess what? Even though helping at Winnipeg Harvest had been amazing, I was still dreading the soup kitchen! The night before, I wanted to cancel in the worst way. I knew we couldn’t, but I really, really wanted to.

But we went, and….guess what?! It was amazing!

We all had a great time. Kaylia and I made spaghetti and meat sauce for 60 people. I didn’t know I could do that. There was someone there to tell me what to do when, just to get the timing right, and there was another family working with us, so everybody else was busy with making garlic bread, getting the food onto plates, serving coffee, and talking with people.

It was out of my comfort zone, but it was good. I want to do it again.

But I don’t.

But I do.

And we will. Because this conflict within me will only go away if we keep doing this kind of thing. And I’m curious – if we do it as a family often enough, will our girls grow up so used to it that they don’t feel this same dread inside of them when they’re older?

Right now, they’re excited, up for anything, and feed off of my emotions a lot. If I act excited, they get excited.

So the other day, I saw this picture on Facebook of an empty shelf at Winnipeg Harvest:

Winnipeg Harvest

I called Anika over to show it to her, and she was horrified. We followed the link to the list of suggested food items to donate, and she got out a piece of paper to copy it all down for the next time we went shopping.

I want her to care about that kind of thing. I want her to learn to act on it, because it’s so easy to think, “That’s a great idea! Let’s do something!” And then not do anything. I do that all the time.

So we are practicing doing something about it. We’re writing letters to our sponsor child, and we’re memorizing items on the food list so we know what to grab when we go to the store. We’ll go back to the soup kitchen in fall.

The selfish, lazy part of me doesn’t always want to make time for these things, but that part is getting quieter all the time.

Lots of people ask me where we find these opportunities. It’s easier for us, because we’re part of homeschool groups that organize these things for anyone who’s interested. Our schedule is really flexible, because we can go during the day, when other kids are in school, and that’s when a lot of the opportunities happen.

But if you want to help out with your family, make it happen! Find out what you can do. Anyone can get a sponsor child, or go to the store to buy some extra food. Pack up the baby clothes and equipment you’re storing up in your basement, and let me know if you’d like to donate everything to a new ministry I’m starting to get involved with called “Baby Blessings”.

There are so, so many ways to help. Sometimes it’s hard to choose. I used to sit around waiting for some kind of miraculous sign, some great passion for a specific opportunity.

But then my friend Sarah came to me and said, “Want to help with Baby Blessings?”

At first I said no, because I was too busy, and I just didn’t feel passionate about it. But finally, I agreed to help her out over this summer, and I went on my first delivery a few weeks ago. We drove around downtown, bringing bags of clothes, diapers, toys and a crib to three different women who were expecting or already had a new baby.

Same old dread, totally didn’t want to do it, but it was fantastic! And as we were driving around, the verse stuck in my head was from James – “Care for orphans and widows.”

Not because you have a specific passion for it. Not because you have certain gifts and abilities. Just because we’re all commanded to.

And if you find yourself not really wanting to, just do it anyway! And if you can do it together with your family, even better!

Any opportunities you’ve had to serve together with your family, or some other group of people? Do you find it difficult to know where to start? Anyone else dread it beforehand, and then have an amazing experience?

One thought on “35 Days of Favorites: Serving Together as a Family

  1. Yup, totally! I dreaded going to Vineyard. Because I don’t like talking to new people. I would rather stay in the kitchen and just give them food. You know, take care of them physically but not engage relationally. The first time we went, I was able to be in the kitchen so I talked with some sweet men. I actually enjoyed it. Then the second time we went and I was kinda in charge of making the spaghetti and meat sauce for over 100 people, I didn’t have time to think, nevermind interact with the people. And I kinda missed it. Talking to them. Finding out how they are doing. The kids were really hesitant the first time and seemed to find a groove the second time. For them, talking isn’t their thing. They need to be doing and I totally get that. And if doing is what it takes for them to minister to others, I gladly let them do. When the youth would come around collecting food for the Niverville food bank, I always let them go to the pantry and each pick 2 things to donate. It was their way of doing and I loved their enthusiasm for it. I think we, as a family, will need to check out Winnipeg Harvest because I could see the kids loving it.

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