35 Days of Favorites: What We’re Watching These Days

Every year, my list of birthday favorites has included our favorite TV show of the year. Last year I shared how Ben and I were hooked on “Once Upon a Time”. Apparently, we really like watching it, because even though it just finished up the second season, we’re already watching it over again.

Once Upon a Timesource

But here’s the difference: we’re watching it with friends.

My favorite TV show hasn’t changed this year, because I’ve been learning that what we’re watching isn’t as important as who we watch it with.

A few months ago, my friend Sarah and I started talking about how we spent so many evenings stuck at home after the kids were in bed, and decided that we should start hanging out more in the evenings, even if all we were doing was watching TV together. She lives three houses down from me, so we agreed to run over in sweatpants, get comfy, and start sharing more life together.

We were going to watch “Once Upon a Time” together, just the two of us, but one day when we were having supper together as families, we started talking about our”Once Upon a Time” plan with Ben and her husband, Joel. I would not have pegged him as a fairytale type of a guy, but something about our description of the show seemed to catch his attention, and he said he’d like to watch it with us.

Our kids had been playing together for a long time already that evening, and it was past bedtime, but nobody wanted to stop hanging out, so we said, “Put your kids to bed here, and we’ll start watching it tonight!”

They ran home to grab bedtime stuff for their girls, we put all the kids to bed at our house, got some popcorn ready, and had our very first evening of watching shows late into the night, talking, snacking, and procrastinating on ending our time together.

It was so good. We loved it.

Sarah and Kendra

And now we do it often. Summer’s been kinda busy, but we still manage to hang out as often as we can, and I love it for so many reasons:

1) I love sharing something I love with people I love.

2) I love it that Joel and Sarah’s kids like coming over to our house for a mini sleepover, and I love it that our girls want to stay at their place, too. They have their usual sides to sleep on in Joel and Sarah’s bed, and Kaylia has even requests goodnight hugs from Uncle Joel. (When it’s time to go home, we scoop the girls up in their sleeping bags, drive back to our house, and plop them into their beds. They barely wake up!)

3) I have completely gotten over my need for planning these things far in advance, having a spotless house, or fancy snacks. Spur of the moment works just fine! It has become real, normal life, and I am so glad we get to share it with them. My happiest moment yesterday: Sarah saying that we’re not really “company” anymore. 🙂

Ben and Joel

So, yes, we’re still watching “Once Upon a Time”, but it’s so much more fun than it used to be!

Any TV favorites out there? Who do you like to watch with most?


8 thoughts on “35 Days of Favorites: What We’re Watching These Days

  1. Oh that sounds SO fun!! I so wish we had that sort of relationship with a nearby family like that. I really feel like my life is missing out on that special relationship – not just myself personally, but also as couples and as a family. You’re very fortunate to have found that!

    • It is hard to find that kind of friendship. I hope that you can find a family to connect with! I guess the best thing is to pray that God will miraculous provide for your needs! Who knows what He’ll do!

  2. My sons teacher recommended a British show called Wild at Heart and i just got netflix and it was on there so i started watching it with my daughter and we both got hooked. I think my housework suffered for awhile until i finished but i absolutely love that series!

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