Happy Friday

There are a number of little things making me happy on this beautiful Friday morning…

1) Discovering pictures on my camera that I’d completely forgotten I had taken during the week:

(She can’t actually ride it, but she sure loves to sit there and feel all grown up!)

(Baking is a big deal around here. Anika always wants to help, and Kaylia runs for her stool, saying, “Can I stir?”)

And look! I did manage to get one picture out of my camera as it was dying at Look-Out!

Moving on to other random items making me happy right now…

2) Favorite Quotes of the Week:

Anika’s motivational speech on height – “God made me short for a very special reason.Some kids who are short are good. Maybe if a tall kid drops something and can’t bend down to pick it up, a short kid can easily bend over to get it for them!”


Kaylia has really embraced the idea that if she pees in her Dora panties or her Princess pull-ups, Dora and the princesses will be very sad about getting wet. The other morning when I got her out of her crib, and the first thing she said to me was, “It is all sad in my diaper.”

3) Kaylia has started calling for Anika instead of me in the mornings.

Now I get to be greeted with this sight every day:

4) My newest most treasured possession.

If our house were burning, and I could only save one thing (other than my family, of course), it would be this picture:

Hope your Friday is also filled with many wonderful little things that bring joy and happiness!

3 thoughts on “Happy Friday

  1. Precious and priceless 🙂 Funny how the little things remind us of how wonderfully blessed we all are….

    Have a great day and say hi to the kids for us!

  2. Kaylia does look grown-up on her bike! It’s great that you’ve got help in the kitchen!?!?Anika’s comment on height is so cute and so wise!!! And that it’s very sad in Kaylia’s diaper is just toooooo funny!

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