Things I Don’t Find Funny

I actually find lots of things funny. I think I laugh often and easily. And I’m married to Ben, who is very funny, and produces funny children.

But there are some things that really bug me, and that I don’t find funny at all:

1. Most types of sarcasm.

I know that people think this is such a sophisticated type of humor, but really, I think it’s usually quite negative, and can tear people down very quickly. If we’re going to be witty and amusing, I tend to like the uplifting, positive kind.

2. Humor at the expense of the most “gullible” person in the room.

We laugh at people who are “gullible”, and feel so intelligent because we’re in on the joke, but they’re not. It makes us feel superior. Which is why I don’t like it. Ben said once that another word for “gullible” could be “trusting”. Why do we mock someone who is trusting? Why do we see that as being inferior, and less intelligent?

3. Hiding negative truth in a joke.

Joking and teasing is not, in my opinion, the appropriate vehicle for expressing negative thoughts or feelings that we really want someone to know about, but are too chicken to say to their face in a serious way.

I know that there are many people who view these things as acceptable forms of humor, but I happen to like funny things that are actually funny, and that don’t hurt people.

Anyway, in an attempt to end this p0st on a lighter note, I will share my favorite funny moment from this week:

A moth had gotten into Anika’s room, and she was searching everywhere for it so that she could kill it with her slipper. She couldn’t find it for long time, but when she finally caught sight of it, she exclaimed in a loud, triumphant voice, “Aha! Your final hour has come!” (Loud thump as she killed it.)

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend filled with many moments of truly humorous things!

One thought on “Things I Don’t Find Funny

  1. I’m really hoping Anika becomes a children’s author someday. Her books would be filled with interesting and hilarious stories. Always filled with imagination. “Your final hour has come…” She’s so funny. 🙂 🙂

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