Pure Bliss and Joy…Kind of…

WE ARE HOME!! It’s felt like a looong two weeks. We are quite giddy about being back, but we have come home to some chaos. While we were gone, the flooring was redone in our house, and although the work crew tried to put everything back in the right place, that’s kind of a difficult job….They did their best. But I still  have some major work to do!

So. I love the new flooring. I’m super thankful for all the work everyone did to get it done while we were gone. But I’m itching to get my house in order. THEN I will truly feel settled. (Anika says, “It doesn’t really feel like our house!”) But it’s like a treasure hunt! The girls will be searching for their toys all day….

2 thoughts on “Pure Bliss and Joy…Kind of…

    • Oh, you know me too well! The pictures are coming….Our house has just been such a mess that you can’t really see the floor. But I’m working on it!

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