So people have asked me exactly where in Florida we are, or have expressed surprise and confusion over the fact that my parents live in Florida, when everyone thought they lived in Rosenort.

Well, the deal is that my parents have a house in Sebring, Florida, where they stay from November to April each year. And they do not come out here just to escape the winter and lie around by a pool. I actually can’t even imagine my parents doing that. When they are out here, Ben says that my parents work harder than he ever does.

Their house is in a village for retired SIM missionaries, and they come out here to volunteer in the village. My dad does construction, and my mom washes windows and cleans bathrooms for the retired missionaries.

It’s such an interesting place to be in, because almost everyone in this village is over 80 years old. When you see someone pushing a stroller, it attracts a lot of attention, because you don’t see it often. (Our girls have gotten lots of attention already!) It is completely quiet and peaceful – everyone drives golf carts around in the village.

This little village is not glamorous like a resort, but it’s beautiful and relaxing, and we’re really enjoying being here.

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