Resisting Temptation

As you may have noticed, I’m always really happy when our girls have moments of playing together nicely. We had another moment this morning, and I rushed for my camera.

The sun was shining in so brightly, the girls were playing so sweetly, and I just had this sense of everything being right with the world.

And then just as I snapped a picture, Anika said to Kaylia (in a super cranky voice), “Stop wrecking my tower. I wish I could slap you!”

Umm…right. Fortunately, she refrained, and at least it looks like they’re playing together nicely…

One thought on “Resisting Temptation

  1. Does this actually happen at your house, too? I can hardly imagine sweet Anika saying something so harsh! I guess there’s a universal language that kid have and unfortunately, there are a few words and phrases that we, as parents, could do without. Thanks for sharing the dark side along with the light. šŸ™‚ At least we all know that the people who live in the Ben & Kendra Dueck household are…HUMAN…who would’ve guessed?!

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