Favorite Posts From This Past Year

At least, favorite serious posts.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the stuff I’ve written this last year! You guys are the best.

10. Been Thinking About The Unexpected

9. Chucking the Five-Year Plan (Part Two)

8. Cheesecake, Beth Moore, and Changing the World…

7. Been Thinking About Fishing (or “How Prayer is Like Fishing”)

6. When We Share Our Stories

5. Please Think I’m Special!

4. Been Thinking About Hearing God’s Voice

3. Learning to Face My Secret Fear

2. Reaching Out To Touch His Robe

1. My Thoughts on Witnessing (Part Two)


One More Post About Witnessing…

So a little while ago, I wrote this post about witnessing. And then last week, I was reading one of my usual favorite blogs, Stuff Christians Like, and what should I find, but this post on….witnessing!

It reminded me so much of what I had been thinking about and trying to communicate, that I figured I would share the link with you all, in case you wanted to do some more reading on the topic.

It’s a good one! Really. I don’t share links on my blog unless I really, really like the stuff.