Comfort Food, Comfort Photos

After Monday’s post, I feel as though I don’t have much left to say, for now. (I’m sure that will change shortly…)

I feel as though I’m in the mood for a nice, comfortable post, with nice, comfortable pictures.


Apparently, I’m after comfort today. I did a little bit of comfort eating earlier. A long day led to me finishing off a bag of chips in my closet, so I wouldn’t have to share any with my children. I can’t even imagine my mom doing anything half so selfish when I was a kid. But then, I guess I wouldn’t know if she had. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t.

However, I’ve decided not to tell myself I’m a bad mom anymore. It’s so discouraging, and not really accurate. I’m a good mom who makes mistakes sometimes. I’m a work in progress. And I fed my girlies toasted waffles, to make up for the chip thing.



I totally forgot my poor husband in the city today.

What??! I know.

We drove into Winnipeg together this morning, and then I went off to a bunch of appointments, and took the girls to their last swimming lesson. After that, I was merrily driving home, when Ben called my cell phone. EVEN THEN, my first thought was, “Oh, I wonder why Ben is calling??”

No recollection, whatsoever. Brutal.

I was already almost home, so fortunately, Ben was able to catch a ride home from the city with a friend. SO GLAD I didn’t need to drive all the way back to Winnipeg again! Then I might have needed a bit more than just chips in my closet….

But we will press on. I’m a good wife who makes mistakes sometimes…Oh, boy.

Any other confessions out there??! How’s your week going?:)

Fresh Ambition

Okay, new motivation to finish strong! Came across this quote today:

Brett’s away this week, training for a new job, and I find that more responsibility for me comes with more ambition. I like the challenge of holding down the fort, giving extra attention to the girls and maybe–just maybe–I’ll blow his mind when he returns to a clean house and trash cans that I actually remembered to drag to the curb.

I like that. I want Ben to come home to a happy family, not one that’s falling apart. I’m not interested in playing the part of a frazzled wife. With more responsibility comes more ambition! That’s how I felt last week, so we’ll look on the Blueberry Poop Episode as a slight set-back, and carry on!

By the way, that quote comes from an amazing blog I discovered today. You should check it out. And definitely read the “Start Here If You’re New” section – she shares the birth story of her daughter who has Down Syndrome, and it’s beautiful. I sat there with tears streaming while I read it.

Anyway. We’re off to make this day fantastic. The house smells like blueberry muffins – how can I go wrong?

Ode to Ben

Yesterday was my wonderful husband’s birthday. And we got to go out on a birthday date! It was quite exciting, because we haven’t been out in a looooong time. Date nights usually mean putting the girls to bed, and having a quiet evening at home. We were pretty excited about being able to go see a movie (Fair Game) and grab a snack at Montana’s (Sweet Potato Fries), both of which were extremely enjoyable.

And just being with Ben is enjoyable, whatever we’re doing. Really, he is my most favorite person to spend time with. And I’m not just saying that because I’m writing this on my blog. Anyone who knows him knows how much fun he is. He makes me laugh all the time, and he’s also the best listener ever. He is very wise, but he waits and listens, and shares his thoughts sparingly – so that by the time he opens his mouth to speak, you know that whatever comes out will be good.

So once again, an evening spent with Ben meant lots of good conversation and uninterrupted time with my favorite person. I know that he doesn’t like birthdays because he doesn’t like the thought of getting old, but I don’t really think that Ben will ever really be “old”. He will always be silly and “young at heart” and tons of fun, and I feel extremely blessed to be able to be his wife!