Week in the Life: Weekend Photos

It is finished!! What a full week – I haven’t taken this many pictures, or finished this many blog posts in a long, long time! Glad I did it, and glad it’s done! I feel like this photo challenge motivated me to capture a great collection of photos depicting what our life looks like right now. But I think it will be fun to just go through the day today without having to run for my camera all the time!!

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Week in the Life: Friday Photos

I seem to finally be slowing down a bit with the number of photos I take in a day! I thought it would happen much sooner, so I’m pretty happy that I’ve lasted this long! Friday was really different than normal, because the girls had a sleepover at Ben’s parents’ house, so it was just Everett and me for most of the day. He seemed a little lost – took me by the finger, and went into every room in the house when he woke up from his nap, as though he expected to find his sisters hiding in the bathroom!

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Week in the Life: Tuesday Photos

Yesterday was my first day of this week long photo challenge, and I wrote that I wanted the motivation to take more pictures. Yikes, it’s working!! I shared over 20 photos yesterday, and I’ve got another huge batch of Tuesday’s pictures.

Last night I asked Ben, “Does anyone really need to see this many pictures of our family?!” And he said, “You never know who’s going to find it interesting!” Which is true, because I’ve been reading Ali Edwards’ blog for years, and every year, I love seeing the photos she takes during “Week in the Life”. Never met her in my life, but I’m always interested in seeing her beautiful photos of what she does throughout the day.

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Week in the Life: Monday Photos

Ah, yes. It’s that time again! Remember A Week in the Life from last year? I also tried it back in 2010.

For those of you who weren’t around back then, here’s the deal: A Week in the Life is an idea started by Ali Edwards, and involves photographing everything your family does for an entire week. Her ability to capture the most ordinary, normal, everyday kind of stuff, and making it beautiful, inspired me to give it a try.

Yes, it’s a ton of work, and I’m kinda sick of my camera by the end of the week, and kinda think I’ll never do it again. But then we get out the photo books a year later, and I can’t believe how much life has changed. It’s such an awesome way to document exactly where we are so that years from now, we’ll be able to remember it so much better.

The girls change.

My photography changes.

How we live a normal day changes.

It’s just interesting to me. So we’ll do it again! I was going to start yesterday, but halfway through the day on Sunday, I realized I’d taken so many pictures that day already, I’d call it the first day of Week in the Life.

I’ll be sharing my photos with you this week, not because I think everyone needs to see every single awesome detail of my life, but because I would love to pass on that same awareness I’ve gained from others – all of life can be beautiful, and every moment is awesome, and some day I will look back on this all with a full, full heart, and I will be so blessed.

So here’s a look at Day 2:

Week in the Life: Monday

I try to start my mornings earlier than the girls, but when Ben leaves earlier than normal for work, I tend to fall back asleep, and am woken up to Kaylia’s “whistling” – she can’t really whistle, but she thinks she can, so she lets out this cheerful, birdlike sound, over and over again, until we all crowd into bed with her, and start the day with some snuggles.

Possibly my favorite time of the day!

readingAfter everybody got up, I started exercising. I like it best when I get it done before the girls are around, but it is fun when Kaylia comes to join me…

September 2013 098

Then we started on breakfast – the usual green smoothie for me…September 2013 104

…and eggs and toasted pancakes from our stash in the freezer.September 2013 093

The girls played for awhile, since we only doing a little bit of school this week – easing ourselves in, so that Anika can do some math and grammar, while still having the slow mornings she loves.September 2013 101

Anika begged me to take this picture while they were playing, “So everyone will know we really love each other, even though we fight sometimes!”September 2013 108

I emptied the dishwasher…

September 2013 109

…and then it was time to get Anika going on her school work. She needs to learn a lot about writing this year, and so she is starting her very own blog! She loves the idea, and so do I, because she will learn so much without ever even realizing it!:)September 2013 112

I read Kaylia a story – “Lady and the Tramp” is her absolute favorite right now.September 2013 113

After Anika was done her work, we ate lunch – leftovers!September 2013 115

After lunch, we made paperdolls. This is Anika’s latest passion. She’s been reading The Silver Chair, from the Chronicles of Narnia, and every day, she asks me to make her a few paperdolls. She, in turn, makes Kaylia a set of paperdolls. September 2013 126

My major goal for the day was to tackle this nasty habit:September 2013 107

I keep piling junk on the stair wall. This has got to stop! For now, it’s looking much better!September 2013 132

We had “rest time” (which means I need a nap and a break, so the girls play in their rooms.) Then I got up, and baked some cookies.September 2013 136

The girls worked on their paperdolls some more…September 2013 139

…and then we headed outside. They had a snack while I did some weeding. We were waiting for my mom to come pick them up – they stayed at my parents’ place for the night, which was extremely exciting, and it was hard to wait until she came at 5:00!


After they left, Ben got home from work, and we headed off to a fundraising banquet for Red Rock Bible Camp. September 2013 178

Honestly, I did not want to go. I had a headache, and a loud room full of people sounded extremely unappealing. But once we got there, we met so many fantastic camp people I haven’t seen in a long, long time, and it was such an amazing evening of reconnecting with lots of old friends. The food was great, the camp video brought a massive lump to my throat, and the worship time was awesome. I came home happy and satisfied.

And then we went to bed. I’m hoping my sweet girlies had a good night, too!

Anything lovely, ordinary, and enjoyable about your week so far?

More Pictures!

For those of you who actually like knowing about our lives in this much detail, here’s our afternoon schedule, along with a million pictures:


Getting my lunch ready to take to the lodge (my chicken was still in the oven, just in case you’re worrying that I only live on vegetables) :

On our way to the lodge:

Eating lunch:

Kaylia eating lunch/playing with spoon:

Hanging out in the lounge after lunch:

Nap time:

Rest Time – Anika lies on the couch telling stories and playing with her dolls while Kaylia naps and I read/nap/do yoga. I love it that she still talks to herself all the time!

Wake-up time – Kaylia is not her happiest when she wakes up from a nap!

Snack time – this always improves her mood. And no, she is not eating styrofoam, as I’m sure someone will ask. She loves rice cakes:

My snack (and no picture of Anika’s snack – she was eating hummus straight out of the container, and had a weird look on her face, so it didn’t turn out to be a very good picture) :

Diaper-change time:

Laundry Time:

Swing Time:

Sidewalk chalk time:

Just playing:

Bonding with Tiki time (she went and sat there all by herself) :

Playing with friends time – Anika and Chloe are pretending to be horses, and are giving Natasha a ride:

And that was our afternoon!

Even though I only took pictures in the afternoon, I still ended up taking 96 pictures! Don’t tell Ben. He thinks I’m out of control…