Oh My Word, I’m Orange.

I have heard of those orange people before – you know, the ones who eat so many carrots, their skin turns orange?

I’ve always thought it would take a very weird person to end up in such a situation. I mean, first of all, who actually likes carrots enough to eat so many, it alters their skin color?

And secondly, it doesn’t take a very intelligent person to think, “Hey! My skin is orange. I need to put down the carrot, and pick A DIFFERENT VEGETABLE TO EAT!!”

It’s not that complicated.

But here I am. With bright orange hands.

How did this happen?

Well, I eat a lot of vegetables. Particularly, soup. I have perfected my vegetable soup. Oh, it is so good. I have figured out exactly what I like in a vegetable soup, and I experience much pleasure from my bowl of soup.

Yes, it has carrots in it, but it also has lots of other vegetables. And yes, I was eating it two or three times of day (my snack options are very limited…), but still. It has lots of other vegetables in it!!

Then at Christmas, I was driving, and happened to look at my hands on the steering wheel. I thought, “My hands look…orange. That’s weird…..Am I eating too many carrots, or what?”

I asked Ben about it, and he thought I was being silly. Of course they weren’t orange!

I forgot about it for a few weeks, until one day when I was washing Kaylia’s hands. I saw our hands in the mirror, and compared to her little hands, my hands were bright orange.

Ben still thought they looked fine, but I decided at this point not to listen to him anymore, and emailed my naturopath.

Sure enough, it turns out that some people are really sensitive to the level of vitamin A in their bodies, and will turn orange sooner than the average person.

Lucky me.

No more carrots for a long time! Fortunately, I’ve faded enough that no one notices my orange hue unless they are really looking for it, and we all compare hands. So I don’t feel quite as self-conscious about the whole thing!

But here’s the thing. My orange hands are making me think about spiritual stuff. That sounds like a huge stretch, but here are my weird thoughts:

It just happened. I ate carrots, and ate carrots, and ate carrots, and suddenly, there were the orange hands. I didn’t think I was doing anything strange or excessive, it was just part of my life.

I look at my orange hands, and wish that it was as easy to show Jesus in my life as it is to be…orange.

The single-parenting thing has made me tired and impatient at times, and I get frustrated, and don’t respond in the calm, gentle way that I wish would. I try so hard to be the way I know God wants me to be, but then something frustrating comes up, and the same old reaction spills out.

But the other day, it hit me – I’m more focused on the end result than I am on the process to get there. 

I try to be patient, but it’s focusing on God, praying, reading His Word, controlling my thoughts – that will bring me to the end result.

What I continually put into my body will be what comes out.

If I eat foods containing vitamin A, all the live long day, then yes, I will end up with orange hands.

If I keep putting Jesus in, again and again, all day long, then when the difficult moments come along, I will not spew impatience and frustration.

I heard once that if you fill a glass with iced tea, and you bump it, obviously iced tea will be what spills out. Not water!

You get out what you put in.

I would love to choose Jesus again and again, until the point where He pours out of my life without me even trying to make that happen.

When I get bumped by life’s frustrations, I want to spill Jesus!