34 Days of Favorites: Clothing

I don’t talk about clothes on this blog, like…ever.

But if we’re going to list my favorite things for the year, I have a shirt that must be included on the list.

One day while I was reading my favorite blogs, I came across this idea to buy two shirts, and use one to decorate the other. I loved how it looked, and thought it would be fun to try. I was a little nervous, because if it bombed, I would have paid for two shirts, and ended up with none to wear.

Fortunately, it all worked out, and I love wearing it. Laundry day makes me so happy, because it means my favorite shirt will be clean and available to wear yet again.

(Anika was my photographer. My favorite part was having her tell me how to pose!!)

If you can sew in a straight line, you can make yourself a shirt, too. Just go here for the tutorial.

(If you’re just joining in, and want to find out what this “34 Days of Favorites” is all about, click here.)