It Was a Happy Birthday

Last night I went to take out the garbage, and I ended up down by the lake. It was such a cool, quiet, beautiful evening – and hit the spot perfectly after a long, fun, loud, crazy, beautiful day.

My friend, Terra-Lee, and I decided to put on a joint birthday party for our girls yesterday, because her little girl turns one year old, two weeks after Kaylia turned two. If we would both put on a separate party for our little birthday girls, we’d end up inviting exactly the same people.

But, if we did a joint party, we could have fun planning and working on it together.

So that’s what we did.

And the kids had a great time, there was far too much food, everyone ate far too much sugar, and it was a success.

Kaylia loved the balloons. It was her favorite part.

The few pictures I took didn’t turn out super well, so the plan is to mooch some off of Terra-Lee! (I’ll let you know how that goes…)

Home Sweet Home

Just got back from two crazy days in the city. It is quite astonishing how much money we are capable of spending in such a short time. But when we only venture out into civilization every couple of weeks, there are quite a lot of groceries and appointments and errands and household needs and many other things that we acquire and take care of during those trips to the city.

This trip was not “all work and no play”, however. We met up with our friends, Trevor and Terra-Lee, for a night out. We live at camp together, and it feels weird if we don’t see each other basically every day, but there’s just something different about spending time together away from camp. Like two worlds colliding….camp life and city life… It was a very pleasant collision.

We went out and ate food together that was not camp food. How strange and new. And then we went to a 3-D movie and enjoyed our new glasses. Those were also strange and new.

And I have nothing deep or meaningful to say, other than saying that we are safely back at home. (Safe, but smelly – we hit a skunk.)

We’ll try for deep and meaningful next time. Right now, I’m going to bed!