35 Days of Favorites: Best Part of the Day

While we were living at camp, we shared most of our meals with other staff at the lodge.

It was great for staying connected with the other families living there at camp, but not quite as great for sharing a meal as a family. Between talking with the people around us, and trying to teach a few table manners to our kids on the side, mealtimes were pretty full and busy.

When we would eat in our own home, however, we had a little tradition which started so long ago, I don’t even remember how it came to be. Everyday at supper, we would share the best part of the day.

It was a sporadic tradition, though, because of how few meals we ate at home, so this last year has been fun, as we’ve been able to do it on a very regular basis, and also as we’ve been able to share it with any company that has come to our home for a meal.

This has also been the year when Kaylia started joining in. At first, she refused to say anything. Then, she started sharing the very same favorite, every single day: “Climbing trees.”

It was the middle of winter, no large trees in sight, but Kaylia’s favorite was forever climbing trees.

Finally, one day, she shared a legitimate favorite, and now the whole family is participating in this little tradition of ours.

Some days are so crazy around here, I dread the question I know Ben will ask: “What was your favorite part of the day?” I have to search hard to come up with something.

But you know what? There’s always something. Even on the hardest days. I know the searching is good for me.

We love this tradition, and I hope it sticks forever!

What do you talk about at the supper table? Any family traditions you love?