Last Day in Florida

When Ben and I were planning my trip to Florida with the girls, we were worried about the length of time we would be gone. We knew that three weeks apart would just be hard, any way we did it.

Ben was concerned that I would be so anxious to come home by the end of the three weeks, it could turn into a negative experience.

I was concerned that my parents would be so sick of us, they would have a negative experience.

Fortunately for everyone, things went quite well. If we hadn’t been missing Ben so much, I wouldn’t have wanted to come home. And my mom, bless her heart, actually got emotional when we said good-bye at the airport, which I will take to mean as a sign that we didn’t completely wear her out! Or maybe we did wear her out, but she’ll miss us anyway…

They always say it takes three weeks to form a habit….Well, my new habit is sunshine. After three weeks of beautiful, sunny weather, I just wasn’t that anxious to get back to cold, snowy winter. (But we were very, very ready to get back to Ben!)

Our last day in Florida was perfectly beautiful. And we had a list of things to accomplish – one last golf cart ride to visit the banana trees and the jungle, one last walk to the bridge, and a visit to a private lake in my parents’ friends’ backyard.

We got everything done, with time enough to spare for a nap before heading off to the airport.

And there you have it. We have returned to Manitoba, so my blog will return to it’s former white winter state. No more bright, sunny photos.

BUT….the photos will now include Ben, and that is even more important than sunshine! We had a wonderful reunion at the airport Wednesday night. Kaylia just grabbed on to Ben, and stayed there. She had no plans of letting go. She is still crying whenever he goes away. (Like into the next room.) And Anika is giddy, and I suddenly feel more relaxed and happy than I have for about…three weeks.

We are back to normal.

Almost. There’s still sand in our suitcases. Which I might just leave there, because it makes me smile….