Stuff I’m Loving Right Now

I found our floor! This is reason to celebrate.

I had written last week about getting new flooring in our house while we were gone. Pictures were requested, but I couldn’t deliver, because everything was in such chaos that it was extremely hard to see all that fabulous new flooring. But here it is:

Along with our new area rug from Ikea. Which covers most of the new flooring in this picture….Oh, well! Love them both!

Continuing the theme of what I love right now…

(Kaylia doesn’t actually have a clue how to use a Leappad, she just turns it off and on, feeling important because she’s just like Anika.)

Another thing I love – Kaylia’s new stroller! When we went to visit my parents in Florida last November, our stroller was wrecked on the flight home. Fortunately, the airline sent us a cheque, and we were finally able to replace it. Kaylia loves her new stroller so much, she doesn’t want to get out of it!

And one last thing I love – Anika not wanting to get off her bike. She wants to be outside every chance she gets.

There you have it – my random list of things I love today.