Strawberry Heaven

I love strawberries. They are my absolute favorite treat to eat.

And they scream “summer” like nothing else, so going strawberry-picking was definitely on my “Summer Manifesto” list.

So we manifestoed our way to the strawberry patch yesterday morning, but the weather was not looking too promising as we drove. Anika said, “Look at how pretty that field looks against the dark sky!”

She was right, so I stopped the van to take a picture, while mentally committing to myself to pick strawberries until I was completely drenched before we went home.

By some miracle, those dark clouds never produced rain, and we picked berries until I could pick no more.

When we finally loaded up our strawberries to head home, Kaylia announced, “We have an empty tummy!” 

I left the girls in the van eating strawberries while I went to pay for my pails, and the owner of the strawberry farm said he was very impressed with how well my girls picked strawberries – he even used the word organized. I was very pleased, although slightly dazed, because from where I was picking, things didn’t look very “organized”.

Kaylia kept picking white strawberries, and I had to keep taking them out of the pail, while trying to pick as many red berries as possible, while trying to sound enthusiastic about Anika’s detailed (slightly exhausting) plans for pies and jams and who knows what else. I had a little talk with her about the concept of “one thing at a time”.

The crowning moment was when Kaylia walked off with someone else’s pail of strawberries, insisting it was hers.

There were a few crazy moments.

But we’ll go with organized.

Or memorable.

We ate strawberries most of the way home. When Kaylia’s tummy was finally satisfied, she said, “Now let’s pick bananas!”

Today, I’m very relieved there are no bananas to pick. I’m a little picked-out.

But my goodness, have we ever been enjoying the strawberries! The Summer Manifesto continues….