Home From Our Ski Trip

So much fun was had by all. I loved it. I didn’t go skiing at all, but I still loved it.

I wanted to go skiing, but I think a few more physio therapy appointments will need to happen before my hips will be happy about a trip to the ski slopes.

Instead, I spent my time with our girls, enjoyed the Pursuit students, and helped get food ready for everybody.

We left on Tuesday morning, a day that was INSANELY snowy and crazy beautiful, but the roads were quite bad. I’m pretty sure almost all of us were carsick, but Kaylia was the only one who produced physical evidence.

Other than that, it was a good drive.

Ben and the Pursuit students went skiing on Wednesday. I got a quick picture of them in all their goggled cuteness while Ben waited impatiently in the van, wanting to get the ski hill as quickly as possible.

Anika joined them on Thursday for her first try at downhill skiing. It was a big success – she loved it.

Kaylia desperately wanted to go with her. Unfortunately, Ben could only teach one girl at a time, so Kaylia will have to wait for next time. She stood out there at the bottom of the slope watching them, refusing to go inside. The only way I could lure her into the lodge was with the promise of a snack.

When we weren’t watching the skiers or snacking on chips and oranges, Kaylia and I spent our time reading books back at our villa, and discovering that the play structure there was just as much fun in winter, covered in snow, as it must be in summer.

We also got lunches ready for everyone when they got back from skiing.

It was exactly what I’ve always pictured Pursuit being – hanging out, having life experiences and new adventures, and talking about learning, growing, praying, dating, God, and any other topic under the sun.

We drove home today, with a short stop in Finland.

The Canadian version.

And of course, it’s good to be home, but our trip has caused me to come to two very important conclusions:

1) I love Pursuit. I will really miss this group of people…

2) Next year, I will be skiing, too. Hello, physio therapy. I am coming for you.