Picture From Our Weekend

So I don’t have all kinds of interesting pictures from our weekend, because our weekend pretty much looked the same the whole time – we sat around feeling sick.

We all had colds except for Anika (but she says her nose is starting to feel stuffed), so Saturday was spent trying to get the motivation to be somewhat productive. Ben did homework, and I did some housework and wiped Kaylia’s nose. Sometimes I think it would be interesting to count how many times I wipe her nose in a day. And sometimes I don’t think I could count that high. I am not a very big fan of snotty-nosed kids, so she gets her nose wiped extremely regularly. Fortunately for me, she’s good with it. When she sees the Kleenx, she leans her head towards me and gets into the ideal nose-wiping position.

Anika played outside for a long time in the afternoon, and I guess Kaylia was feeling kind of bored and wanting some attention, because she got up onto the couch with Ben, climbed onto his lap and got all settled.

On Sunday, Ben and Anika spent the day in Rennie, because there was a work day at the community centre, and I stayed home with Kaylia and wiped her nose. And watched home videos on the computer. This is her new thing. Whenever one of us sits down at the computer, she gets all excited and says, “Wee-o! Wee-o!” (Which is her way of saying “video”.) If we show her one, she says “Den!” (again) and “Moe!” (more) over and over and over and over…. And if we say video is all done, she gets quite upset.

So in honor of Kaylia’s new obsession, it is my goal to learn how to put videos onto my blog. Then you can watch all of her favorites, too.