Five Minute Friday: Remember

Tried something new! Five minutes of writing, no editing allowed, on the topic “Remember”…

There are a few words that always sound magical to me. “Remember” is one of them. It is the way we keep old happiness close to us. It’s the way we hang on to things like camping trips and grandmas and newborn babies and innocence.

And when things are pretty much perfect, we think to ourselves, “Remember this!” That makes it a little easier to let the perfect moments slip away – because we know that they cannot get away from us completely. Once the moment has happened, we can always carry a little piece of it with us, to remember.

I want to live fully in each of those perfect moments, so that I don’t regret anything later. I want to fully see and taste and smell, to feel the sunshine and impossibly soft skin, to fully feel the joy of those moments. Little arms holding tight around my neck, toddling footsteps, innocent laughter.

Everything goes by too quickly. There are only two things I can do – thank God for each moment, and soak it all in so that I will always remember.