My Grey Crown of Glory…

So let’s just publicly state that I really, really dislike dying my hair.

I always knew it would be this way. I come from a long line of women who greyed prematurely. I found my first grey hair when I was in Grade 12. It was a bit of a shock, but really, I was fortunate – it could have been much earlier.

I held off on dying my hair as long as possible, because I knew that my time with my original hair colour was short and fleeting. I started highlighting my hair, because at least the original colour still showed through, but it finally reached the point where I needed to just give in and accept that it was time to dye all of my hair.

That was probably 10 years ago. And you know what? I’m just getting kinda sick of it. Not in a complaining way, but rather in a “I’m starting to question if this is actually a good idea” kind of way.

There are three pictures in my mind that I keep chewing on:

Picture #1:

I was driving down a residential street in Winnipeg one day when I saw a business woman getting out of her car. She was amazingly dressed – very professional and tasteful. She had short, modern hair – kind of edgy and stylish. And her hair was most decidedly grey.

She looked awesome.

As I kept driving, I kept wondering, “Could I pull that off?” I’d need an amazing haircut. I’d need to look like I was doing it on purpose, instead of looking like a shluffy, tired mom who just didn’t care anymore…

Picture #2

I was reading a yoga magazine at my massage therapist’s office, and came across an article about a yoga instructor who stopped dying her hair in order to accept who she truly was. She said she experienced such a huge sense of peace, acceptance, and joy from simply being herself, grey hair and all. She looked so comfortable in her own skin. (And her own hair!)

I started wondering, “How freeing would it be to just…stop? To stop letting society tell me what I need to look like, and just look like who I really am.

Picture #3

I saw this picture posted on my hairdresser’s facebook page:

grey hairsource

It’s stayed with me for months. I think she’s beautiful. In a really weird, totally against what has been culturally acceptable for years kind of way. But if you check out “funky grey hair” on Pinterest, it is amazing what’s out there. Is our culture changing it’s opinion on grey hair?

So who get’s to say what’s acceptable and beautiful? Who gets to tell me that I’m not beautiful if I have too much grey hair at too young an age?

I’ve got Proverbs 16:31 stuck in my head:

Grey hair is a crown of glory; it is gained by living a godly life.

Now, obviously, the woman in that photo did not gain her grey hair by living a godly life. She just made an appointment with her hair dresser.

But why do I keep fighting what God has created my body to do? Every single one of us will end up with grey hair, if we live long enough. What’s keeping me from embracing that? Am I afraid of what people will think? Afraid of aging?

Yes, to both of those….

I showed that photo to Ben and Anika, and the response was quite different. Ben is so easy-going, I could probably shave myself completely bald, and he wouldn’t have an issue with it. Anika, on the other hand, told me she would shave my head bald in the middle of the night if I ever made it look like that. Plus, she pointed out that the woman in the photo was naked, so that settled it for her.

But I’m still thinking about it…..I’ll probably keep thinking for a few years to come, but someday, much sooner than most of my peers, I think you’ll see me finally accepting my “crown of glory”!;)

What are your thoughts on grey hair?!