So Long, Summer!

Oh, how do you say good-bye to summer?!

I’m having a difficult time getting ready to move on! But as I was driving through town today, I caught sight of a beautiful tree full of yellow leaves, and they were starting to fall on the grass in the sunshine. I experienced my first official longing for fall.

Hopefully, those longings start to come a little more frequently, and soon, because fall is coming whether I’m ready for it or not!

But it’s hard to move on from a summer so good! I had no idea what to expect, back in spring. For the last five summers, we’ve known pretty much exactly what to expect. Camp life is quite scheduled and predictable, in lots of ways.

Moving to Niverville threw our family for a loop. When I thought of the summer stretching before us, I thought of pavement, no trees, and heat without a lake to escape to each and every day.

But you know what? I was pleasantly surprised.

Our summer has been filled with a wide variety of wonderful things. We all missed camp until it hurt, but we were still able to enjoy summer in a new and different way. I am so grateful for the opportunities we had to do many things we never did while living at camp.

For example. Both sets of parents have cabins in the Whiteshell, but we never had time or energy to spend much time there while living at camp. Packing up to go to the cabin seemed like too much effort when we were already living in the Whiteshell.

But this summer, we have enjoyed every single chance we had to take off to the lake.

A few days ago, we were at the cabin once again, relaxing together as a family, when Kaylia suddenly said, “Mama, is this ours now?”

Yes, it’s ours! It always has been, but now we have the time to enjoy it.

Another adventure we got to enjoy this summer was harvest! I grew up on a farm, and my childhood memories are filled with combine rides and the smell of hot fields in the sun.

It warmed my insides to see these girlies loving combine rides!

(I’m teaching them to recognize crops, and quizzing them when we go for drives. Sometimes we stop for pictures too, of course!)

There have been some big adventures this summer…

…and lots of little adventures.

Living at the lake is nice, but I have also enjoyed adventures on the prairies. I’m a “wide open skies” girl at heart, and it’s been good to be home this summer.

And now, what might fall have in store?


Been Missing Sunsets

Oh my goodness – have all these sunsets seriously been happening here for five years, and I’ve missed them all?? It was lovely being in the middle of the forest, but it was so hard to see the setting sun.

And it turns out I’m still a prairie girl at heart. Something happens inside of me when I’m surrounded by big, open spaces. Add a sunset to that wide open space, and I’m set.

I could not count how many thousands of sunsets I’ve walked into with my mom, or biked into with my dad. I grew up in the country, and on those warm summer evenings, we would always head west. We’d walk or bike until the colors had all faded, and then we’d reluctantly turn around and head home.

I miss the lake, but seeing the sunset from our living room window is definitely helping to ease the pain.

I’m sure there’s a limit as to how many sunset pictures I can take, but I find it fascinating how they’re always changing, always unique.

Also? Clouds make a sunset more beautiful. Life is perhaps the same way?

Easter Weekend Favorites

I love being at my parents’ house. It’s been awhile, because they’ve been gone for the winter, but this weekend, it was fun to come back.

I am such a prairie girl at heart. Living in the Whiteshell has been great, and I have loved the lakes and trees, but there is this part of me that breathes a big sigh of relief when I get out to the wide open spaces where I grew up.

Everything is just different here. It smells different, the trees are different, and even the birds sound different. It’s been a nice change.

And then there was Easter.

Lots of treats, and time with family, and the much-anticipated wearing of the Easter dresses.

Our visit to my parents’ house is not quite over. Ben has been painting for days at our new house, so we’re trying to enjoy this time, even though I think all four of us are ready for him to stay home. Forever.

The end is in sight, thank goodness.

In the meantime, it’s good to be here.