Getting Pictures Up Onto Your Walls

I love photo walls. I think they are the most amazing decorating idea ever, for the following reasons:

  1. They display memories and family and happiness.
  2. You can arrange them in all shapes and sizes.
  3. They can be crazy cheap to put together.
  4. There is a style out there for everyone.

Last year, my photo project was getting this wall assembled:

photo wall

Right now, I’m in the midst of getting a ton of other pictures up in our house.

Every time we get more pictures up, it increases my happiness and sense of accomplishment by indescribable amounts. It also gets easier to do each time, as Ben and I now have a system for getting our photos up.

A few weeks ago, we got pictures up in Kaylia’s new room, and I took a few pictures of the process (which is crazy – taking pictures of putting up pictures??!), just to share with you all, in case there’s anyone out there who’s secretly wanting to get pictures up, but never getting around to it because it feels like a big job.

Here’s how we do it:

Get Inspired.

I love Pinterest. There are millions of ideas for how to get photos up on your walls. Check out my board of photo wall inspiration if you need ideas!

Start Playing.

Once I find an idea of what I want, I collect every spare frame I can find in the house, and get to work. I lay them out in a number of different formations, taking pictures of each one.

For Kaylia’s room, this is the design I settled on:

photo wall

Try it on for size.

This step is not mandatory, but I have found it to be so helpful every time. I’ve traced my design onto brown packing paper or wax paper, or made paper cut-outs of all the frames I intend to use, and put these up on the wall to see how it looks.

For many frames in one arrangement, I prefer packing paper, but for just two or three frames, I cut out the shapes. This time, I didn’t have any packing paper in the house.

photo wall

Get your frames fastened to the wall.

As I mentioned in this post, velcro is THE BEST THING EVER!!! And no, our pictures do not fall off the wall. (Don’t tell Ben, cause he doesn’t know yet, but I accidentally ripped a chunk of drywall off the wall when I was testing to see how well the velcro stuck. I got the information I was seeking: the drywall will give sooner than the velcro! Yikes. Good thing the damage is hidden by picture frames!)

We use a level, a pencil to make markings, and our beloved velcro.


We start from the bottom corner, or from the center of the arrangement of frames, depending on what kind of design it is. Once we have a frame attached to the wall, we use the level to draw straight lines for placement, line up the frame, and stick it on. It is SO MUCH easier than hanging pictures from screws.

Once you have the whole thing up…

Stand back and enjoy the finished product!

photo wall

It took us under an hour to get everything up. That might still sound kinda long, but it’s totally worth it!

What part of the picture-hanging process holds you back the most? Any tips for getting past it?

Random Stuff I Love

Whenever I’m browsing around on the internet, I keep pinning quotes I love. Today I came across a bunch that I’d pinned awhile ago, and as I read through them, I was reminded all over again why I enjoy them so much.

So, my blog post for today? A very random collection of stuff I love, in no particular order…

Let God


Insane Couragesource

praying for


the life we planned


enjoy the little things


live a life you're proud of




34 Days of Favorites: Photo Galleries

I wrote this post recently about why I love having pictures up on the wall, so I don’t have anything new to say about that.

However, I felt I needed to add “photo galleries” to my list of favorites, because I have learned to love them in the last few months, and feel that they take picture-hanging to a whole new level.

I still have a few small frames to fill, but here’s my creation:

It’s my favorite wall in the house.

Here are my reasons for loving photo galleries:

1) They tell so many stories, all at one time. I love having room for displaying many of our favorite photos, from different stages of our family’s past.

2) It’s a cheap way to fill up a large space in your home.

3) Anything goes. There are countless ways to arrange your frames, so you can hang them in a way to fit your spot, using whatever number of frames you choose, in a neat and orderly fashion, or as random as you want. There’s something for everyone.

Pinterest is my favorite place to look for photo gallery inspiration. Oh, you could spend hours looking at beautiful ideas for how to hang your pictures.

I helped my sister with this arrangement above her couch:

A photo gallery is a fair amount of work, but it is totally worth it in the end.

Do you hang pictures up in your home? Any large spaces just begging for a photo gallery?!

34 Days of Favorites: Pinterest

Okay, so I know this favorite isn’t original at all, as most of the women in North America are obsessed with Pinterest.

And with good reason. It’s amazing.

But I’m not obsessed.


My goal is to enjoy it’s benefits without allowing it to take over my life!

So, why do I love it?

Basically, it’s a fantastic way to search for ideas, and store what you find in an organized, online space. Before I started using Pinterest, I would find all these great ideas for recipes or crafts, but I didn’t have a good system for keeping track of them all.

Pinterest is wonderfully visual, and now I can remember the new ideas I want to try.

And are there ever things I want to try! Cleaning tips, organizing, home decorating, recipes….It would be very easy to let Pinterest overtake life in general.

My strategy for attempting to keep this wonderful beast under control is to only go to Pinterest when I’m searching for something specific, or when I have the time to really enjoy it. No peeking during the day when I have other things to do.

I really appreciated this blog post by Joshua Becker about how to use Pinterest as a resource, rather than an obsession.

So there you have it. If you want to check out Pinterest, click here.

Okay, confession time! Who’s jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon? Love it or hate it? Any tips for keeping it under control?


Just to let you all know, I’ve been making a few changes to my blog, and have added a “Favorites” menu at the top of the screen. I’m working on listing links to past blog posts, in order to make it easier to search for specific topics. Feel free to check it out for some extra reading!

Just Because

Those words are a little bit magical, hey?A gift – just because. Flowers, just because.

No particular reason needed, because every little moment is worth celebrating.

Here are my recent moments that made me feel like celebrating, just because.

1) This cake.

Made by this friend. Just because. 🙂

2) Making Soup in a Frilly Apron.

Because really, there is no other more appropriate attire for soup-cooking.

3) Heart-shaped Bananas.

Pinterest is a wonderful thing, no? There are ideas for absolutely everything…

4) The sun rising over the tips of the evergreens.

Every morning, I get up before my family does so that I can do yoga in a quiet house while I enjoy the view out of my window – the sunrise, and all of those snow-laden trees. Beautiful.


There you have it. Just because.

What’s on your list of favorites?