Healthy Again

Three cheers for a normal weekend and the end of the stomach flu!! I don’t know when I have ever felt so overjoyed to finally clean my bathroom. It feels GREAT to be healthy again. As horrible as it was to experience two weeks of everyone in our family taking turns getting sick with the stomach flu, there is nothing like sickness for making a person feel thankful for health! It’s so much fun to eat again! I’m a fan. Just like that, my life is complete simply because I can eat and clean things. Simple pleasures!

I woke up this snowy Monday morning with joy and anticipation in my heart, because this beautifully normal day is full of possibilities – I could clean out my fridge! Or bake something with my kids! Or get caught up on the laundry! Or all of them! Because the stomach flu is gone, and all is right in our little world. Normal has become a novelty, and I will ride that wave as long as I can, because it won’t seem quite this exciting forever.

What are you doing with your lovely Monday?

Week in the Life: Weekend Photos

It is finished!! What a full week – I haven’t taken this many pictures, or finished this many blog posts in a long, long time! Glad I did it, and glad it’s done! I feel like this photo challenge motivated me to capture a great collection of photos depicting what our life looks like right now. But I think it will be fun to just go through the day today without having to run for my camera all the time!!

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Week in the Life: Friday Photos

I seem to finally be slowing down a bit with the number of photos I take in a day! I thought it would happen much sooner, so I’m pretty happy that I’ve lasted this long! Friday was really different than normal, because the girls had a sleepover at Ben’s parents’ house, so it was just Everett and me for most of the day. He seemed a little lost – took me by the finger, and went into every room in the house when he woke up from his nap, as though he expected to find his sisters hiding in the bathroom!

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2015 in Review

Happy Monday, everyone!

This weekend, we finally took the time to put together our traditional “year in review” video. I can’t even believe how much Everett has changed in a year! Our girls always love this tradition – they’ve probably watched this video about seven times, and we’re just getting going. Then we have to go back and watch all the other years, too! (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

It was a good year! But I’m glad it’s over – there were some hard parts to it, and I think we’ve come through it stronger than before, ready for every good thing 2016 has to offer!


Our Sweet Birthday Boy

It’s Everett’s turn to join our family tradition of birthday favorites! Isn’t it just amazing that in a single year, a baby can go from being a helpless newborn to a little person with very distinct favorites and fun little personality?:)

EverettFavorite Food: apples, pancakes, muffins, sweet potatoes

Favorite Things to Do: Walk, walk, and walk some more. He also loves stories – he’ll go pick out a book and bring it to us. Bathtime is another HUGE favorite – if anyone mentions the word “bath”, he runs for the tub, calling out, “Ba, ba!!!” He loves to play ball, and makes car noises while driving his little cars around. He is so smiley and cheerful almost all the time, and loves to give us snuggles.:)

Words: He calls me “Mem”, cheers “Yay!”, and shakes his head for “no”.


EverettEverettWe love our sweet boy!!! Can’t believe how much better life is because of him!

And here are our comparison pictures:

All threeAll ThreeAll Three