Christmas Photo Challenge

When Christmas rolls around, I’m always drawn to books or articles about how to simplify the holidays. Christmas was magical to me when I was a kid, but when Ben and I got married, and suddenly had seven different gatherings to get to in the span of a week or two, the holiday lost a lot of it’s charm for me. I love family and traditions and festivities, but I ended up feeling frazzled, overwhelmed, exhausted, and in need of some quality alone time at Christmas.

One of the solutions to this came from book no longer in print, which basically said, “Cut out what you don’t enjoy, and do more of what you love about Christmas.”

As I was thinking about this last week, I tried to remember the most enjoyable Christmas I’ve had as an adult, and the usual things which came to mind were the traditions we’ve established as our own little family, and the days we enjoy at our parents’ houses, or when the gatherings are a little more spread out, with recovery time in between! But what popped into my mind which surprised me most was a spark of pleasure when I remembered the Christmas I did a 31 day photo challenge in December.

It seems silly – taking more pictures increased my enjoyment of Christmas? But it really did, maybe because photography is one of my favourite art forms, and art is always good for the soul.:) Or maybe it was because slowing down, paying attention, looking for the little things that make Christmas special for our family stayed with me.

Whatever the case, I decided to follow the joy, and started a Christmas photo challenge for this year. This is not going to produce deep, spiritual reflections on the birth of Jesus, or anything like that. We’ll see if that post comes at a different time! Nope, this is just to take a creative breather, have some fun, and capture some pretty holiday pictures to look back on in the future:






Anika decided to join me, so here are her pictures:





More to come! What do you do when you need to take a break and relax a little over the holidays?

February Photo Challenge, Part Two!

Here’s the second half of my February Photo Challenge! Searching for any bit of beauty that isn’t white and frosty…;)

16) Create


17) Vegetable


18) Magic

I love it that she’s still little enough to believe that I took a loonie out of her ear!


19) Feet


20) Peace

Early morning, doing stretches on my living room floor, listening to my favorite worship music. Quiet and peaceful, possibly one of my favorite times of each day!


21) Funny


22) An Act of Kindness

Anika gave Kaylia her extra piggy bank after Kaylia’s was broken! One of the moments when you feel like bursting with parental pride.;)

act of kindness

23) This is Where I Relax

Always the same spot on the couch!

Where I Relax

24) Half


25) Cut

Unfortunately, this looks very much like “half”…


26) Light


27) My View Today

my view

28) Reflection

reflectionAnd that, my friends, is February! I’m pretty excited – a March photo challenge is basically a “On the Verge of Spring” photo challenge!;)

December Photo Challenge

I came across this little photo challenge the other day, and thought it looked like fun. My friend did one last year, and I always looked forward to seeing what she would come up with each day! Plus, it’s been an awesome reminder to me to leave behind some of the heavy stuff this month, and just focus on the fun, creativity, and magic of the season.:)

Day One: In the “Mirror”

Day 1

Day Two: Furry Face

*I cheated a little bit on this one – it’s from last February, because I didn’t have a furry face around to take pictures of on the day of the challenge! I could have gone down the street, knocking on doors until I found a really photogenic dog, but this option was easier!!

Day 2

Day Three:

Day 3

Day Four:

Day 4

Day Five:

*I had NO idea where I was going to find some elves to photograph, since we don’t do the whole elf thing at our house, but Anika came to my rescue!

Day 5

Day Six: Fun

*Loads of fun happening around here, because Ben’s home after being gone for the week! Now everything can go back to normal!

Day 6