Weekend Favorites: Home

I always enjoy coming home after being away on vacation for awhile. 

I like my own bed, and I like my clothes hanging in a closet instead of packed up in a suitcase.

I like getting back to our usual schedule.

We had our usual Saturday morning pancakes.

The girls were very happy to be reunited with their toys.

And they spent some time getting reacquainted with snow.

Which meant hot chocolate was also necessary.

It’s good to be home.

What do you miss when you’re away from home?

Birthday Girl!

Today is Anika’s seventh birthday. She had 2 desires for the day – blueberry pancakes and a holiday from school (there have to be some benefits to homeschooling, right?!).

So here are some birthday pictures:

1) Enjoying pancakes!

Kaylia kept yelling out “Cake!” until she got her pancake, and then she just kept stuffing huge handfuls into her mouth:

2) Opening Presents

This was the expression on Anika’s face when she opened her Tinkerbell movie:

And here’s a picture of Kaylia getting tired of the birthday festivities, grabbing my purse, and running away, saying “BYE!!”