Adventures in a Retirement Village

I’m really loving this whole retirement community life. I want to live in one. Not when I’m retired – I mean right now.

It’s so peaceful and quiet, and everyone drives golf carts everywhere. I love golf carts. Anika wants my mom to paint her golf cart pink.

Can’t you see me and my girls zooming around in a pink golf cart?

Yes. Most definitely.

For now, we zoom around in a white golf cart. It’s still possible to do adventurous things. Like exploring and finding cacti and moss and pinecones.

The other day, we went for a golf cart ride to the “jungle” at the edge of the village. It’s not really a jungle, it’s more like a strip of uncleared land between the retirement village, and a new development close by.

But “jungle” sounds far more exciting.

The path through the jungle ends up in an orange grove, which is a pretty awesome place to end up.

See? Adventure is waiting for you when you step out the door in a retirement village. Oranges and the jungle are just a pink golf cart ride away…