Fresh Ambition

Okay, new motivation to finish strong! Came across this quote today:

Brett’s away this week, training for a new job, and I find that more responsibility for me comes with more ambition. I like the challenge of holding down the fort, giving extra attention to the girls and maybe–just maybe–I’ll blow his mind when he returns to a clean house and trash cans that I actually remembered to drag to the curb.

I like that. I want Ben to come home to a happy family, not one that’s falling apart. I’m not interested in playing the part of a frazzled wife. With more responsibility comes more ambition! That’s how I felt last week, so we’ll look on the Blueberry Poop Episode as a slight set-back, and carry on!

By the way, that quote comes from an amazing blog I discovered today. You should check it out. And definitely read the “Start Here If You’re New” section – she shares the birth story of her daughter who has Down Syndrome, and it’s beautiful. I sat there with tears streaming while I read it.

Anyway. We’re off to make this day fantastic. The house smells like blueberry muffins – how can I go wrong?