Family Photos

Hello, friends! I’ve been wanting to share our latest family pictures for awhile, and today is finally the day to sit down and do it! I’m trying to catch up on everything from the two weeks I was sick, and feel like things are a little crazy. But I’m sooooo thankful to be feeling better, and the words of the day are “Be gentle.” I had a muscle therapy appointment yesterday, and a topic of discussion was my tendency to push and push and push, even when I’m sick, even when my body is screaming for a break. My therapist said, “You’ll heal faster, and get more done if you take it slower. Be gentle with yourself.”

I think the same goes for people. Especially little ones. I look at these sweet photos of my kiddies, and am reminded all over again that each day is a gift, and I need to slow down to delight in them.

Kendra & kids

Ben & girls

Ben & Kendra


Ben & Ev



familyGo slow. Be gentle. Hug your family. Enjoy the long weekend!

*Photo credits go to Morgan Jane Photography, as usual!;)

New Family Pics!

So excited to get our latest batch of family pictures last week!! I love them, and I love our sweet friend Morgan, who took them for us, like usual!

We met her at the legislative building last weekend, and had a really fun time. It is so beautiful there! It was fun to take the girls there – we’ve taken them for a tour of the building in winter, but I didn’t realize we’d never taken them outside in summer. It’s where we took our wedding pictures, so it felt kind of nostalgic to take pictures in some of the same spots.:)

I’m saving my favorite family picture for our Christmas cards, but I’ll share the rest today.:) And yes, I realize it’s weird timing for family photos – we’re a member short, at the moment. But since he’s only supposed to make an appearance at the end of November, not leaving us much time to get family pictures ready for Christmas cards, we decided to go ahead without him, and we’ll do newborn photos later!





KayliaBen & girlstree climbingKendra & girlswalking

Family Photos and a Merry Christmas!

I’m going to post today instead of tomorrow, because tomorrow I will be celebrating Christmas with my sweet little family!

But for anyone taking the time to check in here, let me wish you a very Merry Christmas! I hope this is a very special time for you and your loved ones. I know it can also be a time of loneliness and pain, but I hope and pray that the love of Jesus will lift you and carry you through whatever you may be facing this Christmas season!

We’ve had a few hard Christmases in the past, but this one feels very free of heaviness and hardship, and I am so grateful for the joy we can experience as a family. As I write this, Ben and the girls are building a Lego village, and I feel the need to join them, so I’ll quickly share a few pictures, and then go join the fun!

Each year, our lovely friend Morgan does a family photo shoot with us. We always send out family pictures at Christmas, and I wanted to share a few more photos with all of you who keep up with our family through this little blog!


Have a wonderful Christmas!