Kicking a Mood

I’ve been packing my bags, getting ready to leave on vacation this weekend, but I wanted to quickly share the Oswald Chambers quote that’s been churning in my mind this week:

There are certain things we must not pray about – moods, for instance. Moods never go by praying, moods go by kicking. A mood nearly always has its seat in the physical condition, not in the moral….We have to take ourselves by the scruff of the neck and shake ourselves, and we will find that we can do what we said we could not. The curse with most of us is that we won’t.

I must say, I think prayer can help for all kinds of things, and sometimes, some extra time getting my perspective back while reading my Bible or praying is exactly what I need.

But I do agree that a mood is a decision, and I’m trying to remember this for the days when things aren’t going so well – IĀ will choose to stay calm and patient, and not allow a mood to wreck this gift of a day.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend! May your mood be light and joyous!:)