Down by the River

It was a beautiful afternoon to visit Mennonite Landing this last weekend. I really should stop showing you all how beautiful it is down there by the river, because soon everyone will want to go there, and it will get crowded and unappealing, and become a big tourist spot, and they’ll have to start charging admission, and then our family will have to find a new special place.

Mennonite LandingBut in the meantime, we love going down to this spot by the river! Even though we have such a great time whenever we go, our girls still always complain on the way. They’re convinced that an afternoon at the nearest play structure would be much better than Mennonite Landing, but that is only because they keep forgetting that trees are better than play structures.

A&KParents know best, and we had a great time, like usual.


Kendra and EverettMennonite Landing

Mennonite LandingEverett walking



walkingCheck out more pictures from our favorite spot:

Mennonite Landing

What Escape Looks Like

Mennonite Landing

It was time for another trip to Mennonite Landing this last weekend.

KayliaI can’t remember the last time we went – maybe in winter? This place is always so beautiful.

berrieswalkingMennonite LandingKendraDo you have any little pieces of paradise you like to escape to? Please share – we’re always looking for new favorites!:)

Making Summer Awesome – Week Three

So, remember how a few weeks ago I realized that although I was pretending to think summer was awesome, I wasn’t really enjoying it?

And then we started this whole “Intentionally Making Summer Awesome” idea, and…something happened….

I was cleaning up clothes in Kaylia’s room a few days ago, just sorting through stuff, trying to figure out what she’s outgrown, and what I might need to buy her for fall. I was thinking about how it was almost time to pack away the big stack of bright, summery clothes, but then this thought popped into my head: “That’s okay, I don’t mind getting ready for fall. I think I’m okay with moving on to the next season soon, because it’s been a really great summer.”

What??! What was that, there?

Two and a half weeks, people. That’s all the time it took to turn this thing around. I have been so much happier since I figured out what was making me unhappy. The steps I’ve taken to reach my summer goals haven’t been big or impressive – they’ve just been intentional. (Here’s Week 1 and Week 2, if you missed out…)

Some of these might look familiar to you, but here’s a recap of what we’ve done during Week Three of my “Make Summer Awesome” challenge:

1) Go to the lake with friends.

Ben’s parents were gone for a few weeks this summer, and told us we could make use of their cabin while they were gone. We tend to spend a lot of time at my parents’ cabin, because summer is about the only time I get to see my family. (My parents live in Florida from October to April, so we try to make up for lost time during the summer.)

But a weekend at Ben’s parents’ cabin sounded good, and we were able to spend it with friends we love to be with, but don’t get to see very often. Beautiful weekend!


2) Give the deck a mini-makeover.

I’ve been feeling like our deck is very brown, and very bare. It needed spicing up a bit, so I headed out to the city one evening to see what kind of end-of-the-summer sales I could find for patio accessories. Pickings were slim, but I managed to find what I need for $25, and happily checked this item off my list.


When I asked Ben’s opinion on my new outdoor cushions, he studied them for a second, and then said, “Well, I can’t see myself using them for anything.”

I tried to explain that they’re not for using – they’re just for looking pretty!

3) Put on a Homeschool Forum.

Last spring, my friend invited me to drive out to Winkler with her for a Homeschool Forum. It was a great evening – very encouraging and informative. A panel of parents answered a series of questions about how and why they homeschooled their kids, and I was able to pick up many great tips for the evening.

We decided to try the same idea in Niverville, and it was great! I loved listening to the many different opinions and ideas that were shared, and I loved being able to share the night with other parents who are seeking advise and ideas.

4) Take pictures at the Mennonite Landing.

I love the Mennonite Landing. There’s trees, and water, and when camp seems too far away, this place will fit my craving.

I’ve taken pictures there in fall and winter, but not spring and summer, so it was my goal to get down there to add another season to my collection of photos.

Mennonite Landing

What have you been up to? Back into the swing of things with fall? Squeezing out the last drops of summer before the end of August?