Mall of America

We spent the weekend in Minneapolis with friends before driving back to Winnipeg yesterday. Ben has to do some school presentations for camp, here in the city, before we can go back. But we are all ready, ready, ready to go home.

In the meantime, we will bask in the glow of our memories from this weekend. Thank goodness the memories improve with time. Traveling with kids can be lots of work, and there’s lots of opportunity for grumpy moments. But already, the grumpy moments are rapidly fading from my memory, and I’m only left with the good stuff!

Here’s the best of Mall of America:

We went to the aquarium in the morning, and then had lunch before going on the rides. The girls had a very hard time eating any food because hey were so busy taking in all the sights.

We have already discovered that Anika is a little daredevil on rides, and will try anything. This was Kaylia’s first time going on any rides, and she loved it. You couldn’t tell by her facial expressions, but she is now obsessed with the merry-go-round. The second it would stop, she said, “Again!”

We tried to take her on the ferris wheel, but she got ticked off because all she wanted to do was go on the “horsey ride”.

Anika was happy on any ride.


Grumpy moments? What grumpy moments? It was the perfect vacation! 😉