Needing Some Fall Love…

You may know by now that I love a good quote, and whenever I’m needing a little boost of inspiration, I put together a collection of my favorites.

Today, on a cloudy, dreary day, I’m needing some fall inspiration!! Hoping this helps you, too!;)






That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?!

What are your favorite things about fall?

Crisp in the Fall


Spring is the season that always gets to feel fresh and new, but I love this quote, because it gives fall the chance to be fully appreciated. 

I spent Monday evening crunching around in the leaves, taking family pictures for our sweet friends, and it was the most perfect fall evening. This fall is making me feel ready to dive into new things, and soak in everything that’s golden outside.

Last night was spent labouring long and hard over a blog post that wouldn’t cooperate, and finally, I decided to stop taking things quite so seriously. Some things need to marinate a bit longer, and are better left alone, so today is a day for letting go, and focusing on the fun, beauty, and blessings that are feeling crisp and new this fall.

Wishing you all a lovely, golden day, filled with new adventures!

Soaking Up Fall

Yesterday was golden. Really, was there ever a more beautiful fall day?

Who knew it would be the best day ever for family pictures?

I certainly did not know it two weeks ago when I arranged with our friend Morgan to meet with us yesterday, but we managed to pick a beauty! We spent a sunshiny hour with Morgan, wandering around in the glowing leaves.

Then Morgan left, and Ben hung out with our girls at his parents’ house while I went back and took a bunch of my own pictures. I love it that he gets how much I need to do that.

I really do need to go lie in a field and take pictures of weeds against the sky. It does something good to my insides.

What are your insides begging you for today? That sun is shining, and it’s just so beautiful, but sometimes we’re far too busy to notice.

When I finally slow down enough to go lie in a field of weeds, I realize how much I’ve been needing it. And when winter comes, I’ll be so glad I soaked up all this goodness now. Winter will be good, too, but I’m sure that when I go lie in a snow drift, I’ll still be remembering the smell of dry grass in the hot sun.:)



Pictures of the Weekend

Well, here’s the last of my “Week in the Life” pictures. I got so many during the week, that we just kind of took it easy on the weekend. Didn’t take pictures of everything, just some of the things that stood out:


I was not feeling good all day, so Ben spent time with the girls. Here he’s holding up the “door” (as Kaylia calls it) on the piano, which she loves. She always wants to see the hammers moving when she plays the keys:

Even though it was a beautiful day, the girls watched a video, special treat when Mommy is sick:

Ben convinced me to sit outside in the afternoon because it was such a beautiful day:

Kaylia exploring the great outdoors:


Watching a video on Youtube. This is how we survive “Hair-Combing Time” with Anika:


On Sunday I was feeling better, so we spent some time outside as a family. Ben raked up a big leaf pile, and I had visions of adorable fall pictures in my head. Kaylia was not impressed with this vision:

So Anika went solo:

And Kaylia smiled whenever she wasn’t forced near the leaves:

It was another really beautiful fall day!

Ben played basketball with Anika:

We had lunch at the lodge:

Then we napped and left camp to go visit friends in Niverville:

This was the first time we had Kaylia facing forward in her carseat. Yay, she’s finally 22 pounds! She was very happy about the change, even though it doesn’t show in this picture:

And I forgot to take any pictures when we were out with friends! We just had a good time.

And since then I’ve been enjoying not taking pictures! I’m really glad that I did this project for a week, and I love having all the pictures that we took last week, but there is also something to be said for just living life, and enjoying the moment, without always rushing for the camera!