Stop and Take Note

Everyone in Manitoba seemed happy this weekend. It’s amazing what sunshine and some warm temperatures can do for people.

I was sitting in our backyard on Sunday afternoon, my bare toes in the dirt and the hot sun on my face, reading one of my favorite books ever, Slowing Down to the Speed of Life.

I came across this quote:

A mind that is fully in the moment is able to see, hear, and experience life’s moments in a whole new way, with heightened awareness. Aspects of life that you used to take for granted you can now see with a keener, more respectful eye. You become able to appreciate the magic and incredible miracle of life, perhaps for the first time. (Slowing Down to the Speed of Life, Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey)

After I read this, I put my book down, and I just sat there. I tried to notice everything around me, soaking it in while I was just still.


I listened to the birds, and I realized that it smelled like summer. I watched the girls playing in the sandbox, and thought about how warm the dirt felt to my feet.



It’s still pretty barren out there – not much beauty, when you first start looking for it.

But when I took the time to be still and notice the beauty with all of my senses, there was so much there to enjoy. I love the idea of “heightened awareness.”

I don’t want to miss a moment of what’s going on around me.

Tap into the beauty and uniqueness of this moment instead of anticipating how wonderful the next one is going to be or remembering how special a past moment was.

Each moment is new and unique. You’ve never had this moment before, and you never will again. (Richard Carlson and Joseph Bailey)


Here’s to a week of enjoying every moment!