Give Every Day

There’s this great blog that I’ve been reading called “Give Every Day”. It’s about this family that sold all their stuff, and have headed out on the road in an RV to travel North America for a year and spend every day giving of themselves to people they don’t know. They volunteer at all kinds of cool places, and are constantly on the lookout for unique ways to give. It’s not like all their ideas are earth-shatteringly original or complicated. Sometimes it’s just super-simple stuff.

But the thing is that they’re doing it every single day. And the post I read today was about how there’s no way you can do that without being really intentional. They’ve made a list of ideas. I think I want a list of ideas.

Sure, I do things for Ben and the girls every single day, but I definitely do not do things for people I don’t know, every single day. That would be a lot harder when you don’t live in an RV and you’re not driving all over the States. But I’m curious what kind of a list Ben and I could come up with….