More December Photos

We’re still trying to recover from Christmas around here, so I’ll leave you with this week’s photo challenge pictures. I hope you’re having an awesome time relaxing with family and friends!

Day 22: Wrapped Up

DAy 22

Day 23: Red

Day 23

Day 24: Merry

Day 24

Day 25: Morning

Day 25

Day 26: Stocking

Day 26

Day 27: Favorite Thing

Day 27

December Photo Challenge

I came across this little photo challenge the other day, and thought it looked like fun. My friend did one last year, and I always looked forward to seeing what she would come up with each day! Plus, it’s been an awesome reminder to me to leave behind some of the heavy stuff this month, and just focus on the fun, creativity, and magic of the season.:)

Day One: In the “Mirror”

Day 1

Day Two: Furry Face

*I cheated a little bit on this one – it’s from last February, because I didn’t have a furry face around to take pictures of on the day of the challenge! I could have gone down the street, knocking on doors until I found a really photogenic dog, but this option was easier!!

Day 2

Day Three:

Day 3

Day Four:

Day 4

Day Five:

*I had NO idea where I was going to find some elves to photograph, since we don’t do the whole elf thing at our house, but Anika came to my rescue!

Day 5

Day Six: Fun

*Loads of fun happening around here, because Ben’s home after being gone for the week! Now everything can go back to normal!

Day 6