Around Our House Right Now

I was fully intending to write something deep and meaningful today.

But it became clear to me that today is not the day for deep and meaningful, so we’ll go with comfy. This is my comfy post about what we’re doing and enjoying at our house right now:

1) We are colouring pictures like mad women. Or maybe of mad women. I’m not sure. It’s hard to tell.

Either way, Kaylia is cranking these babies out, and I’m loving the puffed sleeves.

2) I got a horrible haircut. It was so bad, I thought I’d have to get it re-cut right away. But then I started using the tips from this tutorial for doing my hair, and now I can face the world with a smile once more. The haircut has been redeemed.

“It’s the Small Things” blog is amazing. I often use the different hair tutorials on it. Basically, if you ever see me with hair that looks somewhat good, it’s because of her blog.

3) Anika is learning to do the laundry all by herself. I have no idea at what age most kids learn to do the laundry, but around here, it’s happening strictly because of chocolate.

Anika was complaining, because Kaylia was getting chocolates every time she used her little princess potty, and Anika thought it was unfair that she wasn’t getting any chocolate. I explained to her that Kaylia was getting chocolate for learning to do something new and difficult for her, and if Anika wanted to learn how to do something new and difficult, I would gladly give her chocolate, as well.

Since it was Laundry Day, I told her she could get a chocolate for every complete load of laundry she did for me.

It was a wonderful day. Chocolates all around for everybody, and much less work for me. 🙂 I think there’s a lesson in there for us all – laundry would always be more enjoyable if it meant a chocolate per load!

4) I’ve been listening to this fantastic online class about hormones, energy, and moods. So eye-opening! I learned all kinds of things I never knew before. Like why I crave something sweet in the afternoons, and then feel gross after eating it.

I really like listening to or reading anything by Lisa Byrne. She explains how the body functions in an interesting way, and is all about providing people with practical tips for improving health, and life in general. I especially liked her thoughts on listening to the rhythms of the body in this class. Sometimes we feel tired, but we push ourselves instead of resting. Sometimes we feel energetic and outgoing, and sometimes we don’t, but we feel forced to get out and be social anyway, instead of allowing ourselves the space to be a little quiet and laid back.

Sometimes I do need to force myself to do things I’d rather not, but I think there is much room for learning how to go a little easier on myself, and listen to what my body is trying to tell me.

Sometimes. Right now my body is telling me to go eat rice cakes with almond butter, but I’ve already had eight of them today, so I’m guessing this would not be the best message to listen to.

5) I’ve been hanging up more pictures.

It’s taken me forever to get around to ordering prints for frames I wanted to put up, but I finally did it. Then I was going to sit around some more, waiting for Ben to hang up those pictures for me, but after all of the inspiring comments on my post about doing stuff by myself, I suddenly realized I should just get my butt in gear and get it done.

And really, with the incredible velcro available for hanging pictures, ANYONE can do it. It takes hardly any time. No more excuses. And your frames are safe. That stuff sticks so well, I have trouble getting the frames off the wall to put new photos in. Detailed instructions are available here.

6) Ben is reading The Hobbit to Anika.

I think he’s pretty excited about introducing the world of J.R.R. Tolkien to his girls. When we got married, he brought all three Lord of the Rings books along on our honeymoon for me to read. They’re kinda his favorite.

Fortunately, Anika is loving The Hobbit, and apparently even Kaylia is taking in more than we thought. Last night at supper, she was looking at her distorted reflection in a shiny pot on the table, and suddenly announced, “Look at me! I look like a hobbit!!”


And that’s what’s going on at our house right now.

What have you been up to? Anything you’ve been enjoying recently that you’d like to pass on to the rest of us?

My Thoughts Can Be Like Moldy Manna

I learned something fascinating the other day. It was explained to me that our bodies were not created for stress.

Not like, “It’s a bad idea to be stressed,  so don’t do it”, but more like “Our bodies cannot function in any way when we are stressed.”

So, this isn’t the scientific explanation, but what I learned is that when we feel stressed or fearful about something, our bodies kind of freak out, and go into that “fight or flight” mode, and rapidly crank out crazy amounts of hormones.

But then, there is absolutely no appropriate place for those hormones to go. They dump into other areas of the body that are not equipped to deal with the overload.

When God made us, He did not provide a way for the body to deal with that correctly or positively. All of those hormones have no way of exiting the body properly, and so they turn into toxins. (And if you know more about the scientific side to all of this, you can gladly provide more info in the comment section!)

Our bodies will never adapt to stress. We cannot learn to function with loads of stress. We just aren’t made to do that.

When God said, “Don’t worry about tomorrow”, He wasn’t kidding. He really meant, “I made you to live free from worry. I want you to trust me with absolutely everything, because I will take care of you. Your body is not made to carry that load. At all.

It makes me think about the Israelites. When they were wandering around in the desert, God provided their food. But only one day at a time. Manna came from heaven, and their needs for that day were provided for.

But if they ever tried to keep some extra for the next day, it was rotten by morning. Enough food for one day at a time. They couldn’t disobey that one, even if they tried.

God tells us worry is a sin, but we think we can still get away with it. We don’t want to settle with thoughts only for today. And maybe we don’t see them visibly rotten by morning, but…maybe we do. Studies show that 80-90% of sickness is rooted in stress.

Instead of rotten manna, we have rotting bodies. I realize that these bodies are not meant to last forever, but I fully believe we’re supposed to live with a much lighter load than we do.

I’ve written so many times about my struggles with worry and anxiety and fear. This last year has been full of learning to trust God more. But what I’m seeing now, more than ever, is that I was made for something so much different.

I have no idea if this will be what finally sticks, but lately, whenever those old thoughts come creeping in, I think to myself, “I was not made for this.”

I try to carry something I was never even meant to touch. That can never end well.

I get today. That’s it.

Fresh manna for the day.

His strength and grace and peace, for today.

And His mercy is new every morning.

Oh, that I would figure it out, and stop trying to hang on to moldy manna!