Making the High Points Happen On Purpose

I love the beginning of a new year – fresh, full of opportunities, motivation to make the most of the days and months ahead.


I’ve been enjoying all of the blog posts about setting goals, or not setting goals, choosing a word for the year, and trying to find realistic expectations. There are so many different ideas out there!

I’m a bit leery about making resolutions, because of the tendency to fall behind, and give up. I get quite carried away, and overshoot on the goal making, and then get all discouraged during the follow-through attempts.

However, I really enjoyed some of the thoughts shared by Lisa Byrne on her blog, and during the webinar she shared last week. She talked about looking back over the last year, and picking out the high points – the times when things worked well, and made you feel good.

She suggested looking at pictures or facebook status updates to get an overview of the year, and consider how to go about making those high points happen again, often, in the new year.

I’m not a huge facebook fan, but I think we all know how I feel about pictures! And blog posts are an excellent reflection for me on my highs and lows of the last year. It wasn’t hard for me to think about which posts made me feel good – the ones I love to go back to and look at again.

I have two kinds of favorites – the kind when the writing comes easy, and I’m able to share real, true, and deep, and then there’s the kind when I share what happened when I took my camera, and we had an adventure. Combining photos and words is deeply satisfying for me.

It’s been an evening by the lake, or a walk down by the river in fall, or again in winter. It’s an afternoon on the field during harvest, a date to the duck pond in summer, or an evening out with a friend.

When I realized how much I really loved those times, it struck me how easy it would be to repeat.

So this weekend was about making my high moments happen intentionally.


We went to the park to go sledding. Happily, we went at a time when the light was just beautiful, and I could spend time with the great loves of my life: my family and my camera.






We filled our lungs with cold, fresh air, we whooshed down the slope a bunch of times, and then when the sun disappeared, we went home for supper.

January 2013 009

It was completely perfect. And I will make it happen again!