Bike Helmets, Tea Parties, and the Tisroc (May he live forever…)

Before Ben and I had kids, we thought we laughed often, and found many things to be enjoyable in the life we shared.

Then we had Anika, and we often wondered what in the world we ever laughed at before. She added so much joy and amusement to our lives that our previous existence seemed a little dull in comparison.

Now that we have Kaylia in our home, and we have two funny, silly, expressive and creative little girls running around, it feels like there is always something to laugh at, take pictures of, or secretly smile about as I turn away very quickly so that a serious girl with big eyes won’t know that all I want to do is burst out laughing.

And an Anika quote to end off with:

For those of you familiar with The Chronicles of Narnia, you might remember that in The Horse and His Boy, the king of Calormene is called “the Tisroc”, and every time someone says his name, they must also say, “may he live forever”.

Anika loves to take stories she knows well, and then add on to them and change them, so yesterday I happened to overhear a particularly gripping (and surprisingly violent!) sequel to The Horse and His Boy, in which the heroine shoots the Tisroc with her bow and arrow, and announces, “I KNEW he wouldn’t live forever!! And I just proved it!”