Learning to Like Tea

Once upon a time, I hated tea, and if you’d told me I would write blog posts about my love for it, I would have thought you were ridiculous.

But then I grew up a bit, and wrote this blog post all about how I forced myself to like tea, just so that I could have something hot to drink in winter.

It worked out really well, because now I love tea very much, and I drink it no matter what season it is.

I was passionately committed to my Green Ginger Pear Tea, but one fateful day…..we ran out.

A friend came over to drink tea one evening, and requested peppermint tea. In my head, I thought, “That’s totally gross.” It smelled like candy canes, and I was always the weird kid who thought candy canes were disgusting. I had no desire to drink an entire mug of liquid candy cane.

But since the idea was for all of us to sit around drinking tea together and bonding, I didn’t really have a choice.

By the end of the cup of tea, I had come to the conclusion that it wasn’t too bad. I drank peppermint tea a few more times before we restocked with my beloved Green Ginger Pear Tea, and it had the chance to grow on me.

I returned to my old favorite, and was drinking green tea more than ever, but it was a difficult time of life. I was continually dealing with sleepless nights and was not feeling very good in general, seeing as the body kinda needs sleep in order for anything to work properly.

Bless the person who finally told me that green tea has CAFFEINE in it!!! (And who was it that had told me green tea was naturally decaffeinated??! Good thing I can’t remember!)

Turns out green tea has more caffeine in it than black tea! What??!

Maybe I never actually had legitimate insomnia. Maybe I just had a case of Green Ginger Pear Tea.

Now I am wholly devoted to Peppermint Tea. Green Ginger Pear Tea is a distant, sleepless memory.

What’s your favorite hot drink? Have you ever forced yourself to learn to like something?

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