Some Good Reads

Hello, Friends! How was your weekend? Ours was somehow full but also relaxing, and I feel all filled up with social happiness – so blessed by all the awesome people God has brought into our life!!

I also feel full of things I’m learning right now – God’s teaching me a bunch of stuff, but I feel as though it’s still marinating, and it’s not time to write about it yet! So today, I’m going to share stuff other people have been writing. I have a Pinterest board called “Good Reads” where I collect all the great things I come across online, and there have been a bunch of good ones lately….

The Day My Son Gave Up On Me – on taking the opportunity right now to spend time with your kids, instead of putting them off until a more convenient time

Why I’m Back to Counting Daily Gifts“Doubt fades and trust grows as I begin to recognize His presence, even in the minutiae of my everyday.”

How to Live an Exceptional Life, Even When Life Doesn’t Feel Exceptional “…Living an exceptional life isn’t just an opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime. It’s an invitation that awaits us every single day.”

How to Quit Sugar in Five Days – Wish I’d had these tips seven years ago when I was quitting sugar!

I Miss the Village – Oh, what to say about this one?! Got a taste of “village” life at camp, and now I’m ruined for normal life! “I miss the village I never had. The one with mothers doing the washing side by side, clucking and laughing hysterically, tired in body but quick in spirit. We’d know each other so well: annoying one another from time to time, but never staying mad long because the truth is, we need each other.”

On Having a Son “He snuggled against my body and wrapped his beautiful hand around my finger. I kissed his little head over and over, tears of joy filling my eyes. At that moment, I knew I couldn’t imagine life any other way, and I didn’t want to.” Ahhh!! It’s only a matter of weeks….:)

And now I have a baby room to put together!! I’ll be back soon with pictures.:)





A Little Bit Funny, A Little Bit Awesome

I keep a Pinterest board called “Good Reads” as a place to collect all the good articles and blog posts I come across. Every once in a while, I share those with you, in case you need some interesting reading material over the weekend!

Here are a few favorites I haven’t shared before:

13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Think Food Doesn’t Affect Behaviour? 

7 Reasons Why Bathrobes Are Cooler Than Yoga Pants

Don’t Chase Happiness. Recognize It.

The Real Truth About Having it All

Have a wonderful weekend!

Good Reads

Sometimes I get asked how I have time to read so much stuff on the Internet, and I have two answers for that: Feedly, and a few awesome blogs that pass on links to other awesome blogs. I love it when people share good things they’ve read – it saves me so much time in finding the stuff that’s worth reading.

In an effort to keep passing on the good stuff, here’s a taste of what I’ve been reading lately:

10 Ways to be a Happier Mom

A Harvard Economist’s Surprisingly Simple Productivity Secret

The Problem With Expectations

In Which I Beg Barbie’s Pardon

Have a fantastic weekend!