My Happiness is Growing

There is a garden center close to my house that always has the best gardening quotes on their sign. Anika and I had a favorite:  “We’re sow excited about spring, we wet our plants.”

But they have a good one up right now, too: “He who plants a garden, plants joy.”


I think it’s true. One of my favorite things to do each day is go out to our garden in the evening. I love to see how everything is growing. I love to water it or pull a few weeds. I think it’s right and good when we take joy and pleasure in growing things. I think God wants us to enjoy the beauty.

lettucegardengardenIt doesn’t really even make sense how happy my garden makes me, except that I think it’s a little taste of how God felt when He made the world and called it good.

Are you growing a garden this summer?