A Walk and a Winner!

Happy Monday morning, everyone!

MS Walk

Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored Anika in the MS Walk yesterday! She ended up raising $615, and won the Daddy-Daughter Fundraising Competition Ben challenged her to – he raised $225. So the deal is that Anika gets to plan a date for them to go on together, and I have no idea what she has in mind! I think Ben was going to pay either way, so it was kind of a win-win situation for Anika.;)

shirtNow we have to find something else to get excited about every morning – it was kind of addicting to check for new donations every day!

MS Walk 2014

Excitement is building at our house – this weekend is the MS Walk in Winnipeg, so Ben and Anika are fundraising up a storm! This is their second year participating, and all four of us enjoyed being at the event last year.

It’s been two years since Ben’s sister was diagnosed with MS, and I love it that Anika feels like she can play an important role in supporting her special auntie. I wish I could join them!! It was my goal last year to get myself to the point where I’d be able to walk in it this year, but maybe next year!! Just need a bit more physio…:)

In the meantime, there’s some fierce competition going on at our house, because Ben challenged Anika to a fundraising contest – whoever raises the most money gets to plan a special Daddy/Daughter Date!:) Right now, Anika has left him in the dust, which he pretends to be disappointed about, but really, I think he’s super proud.;)

If you’d like to contribute to a great cause, and pick a side in our little contest here, you can head on over to Anika or Ben’s sponsor pages to donate:

Anika’s Donation Page

Ben’s Donation Page

Even Kaylia ran for her piggy bank yesterday, and helped out with her pennies and dimes!


Looking forward to a great weekend, and wishing you the same!:)