Buckle Up For Landing

We made it.

My word, travelling with a two-year-old can be interesting at times. For the most part, we had a good trip, but when it was time to buckle up for landing, Kaylia lost it.

From the moment the seat belt sign went on till the second it went off and I released her, she was screeching,

“I’M STUCK!! Get me out! This is not mine! There is nothing in here for me!!! I don’t want this!!!”

I’d say she’s a fairly effective communicator, for a two-year-old.

Here’s a few pictures from our day of travel:

Running loose and free while she has the chance.

Having lunch with our travel companion, Auntie Kim.

Doing her fake smile for the camera.


So thankful that we’re here, and that the sun is shining! My hubby’s sitting in an airport, waiting for his flight to Belize. Thank goodness my girls are so wildly active that I’ve had no time to think about missing him!

Almost Out of Here…

Well, our first big adventure of 2012 is almost upon us.

On Monday, the girls and I are flying to Florida, and on Tuesday, Ben and the Pursuit students are flying to Belize. We’ll all be gone for three weeks.

As Kaylia said into her toy cell phone, “We’re packing up our things, and going up in the sky.” Not unlike the Rapture…? Except no packing will be involved in that departure.

Anyway. If you like sitting in snow and looking at other people’s beautifully sunny vacation pictures and reading about what a fantastic time they are having…then this might be the blog for you. (Assuming that we’ll have a fantastic time….)

Three weeks without Ben will be fantastically difficult for me. It’s our longest stretch yet, and I’m trying not to think about it or I will wail. I’m focusing completely on sunshine and palm trees. And my wonderful parents, who we’re hoping will not be completely sick of us by the time we leave.

And now I will go pack.

Because it’s almost time for some of this…